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John - use your real names - oh how I laughed ! if you had any interest in protecting the parents on here you would not even venure near that subject........ I dont suppose you have all the answers but you believe you have most of them, is that what you are saying ? So then, show me your progress, through all the polite dialogue, articles and books have you made progress ? and if so great but my question is, in addition to your progress assuming you have made some, have you ever or do you ever intend to propose that the entire readership of AOA protest on the streets ? and if not why not ?
Toggle Commented Nov 4, 2015 on Tim Bolen's Gay Fantasy at AGE OF AUTISM
This idea that you can accept some vaccines but not others is simply ridiculous. How on earth can you herd like accept that some may be safe.........just beggars belief at this point. I am zero tolerance and arguably so should you all be and that would end the fragementation nonsense on here. This wishy washy attitude is what is allowing this drama to persist.
Toggle Commented Nov 4, 2015 on Tim Bolen's Gay Fantasy at AGE OF AUTISM
Dan, I wonder if AOA aka you had put half as much energy into advertising the Protests at the CDC in Atlanta as you have in trying to find a common enemy in Tim Bolen then perhaps we would see some real activism no ? The chap/pess who is Hans Litten/Sophie- good on yeh because you all need to wake up. Do some independent research on Controlled Opposition. One Simple question, Why has AOA never to my knowledge organised a March/Protest ? I would attend, travel to, I have suggested it and been lambasted. AOA has an audience but does nothing with it other than continually fragment the discussion. Stay on topic Dan -
Toggle Commented Nov 4, 2015 on Tim Bolen's Gay Fantasy at AGE OF AUTISM
SO SO disappointed - if you had kids would you vaccinate them? REALLY ?? What about your Dog Dan would you vaccinate, perhaps the question needed to be a bit more personal for you ? That is a real question as I have personally convinced other dog owners to side step the vacs. IMHO That was not a good interview. Its 100% abstinence from Vaccination there is no middle ground with this. Who exactly were you advocating for there Dan ? Certainly not me or the vast majority of parents of vac injured (unless I am missing something)
It is great to be invited to interview on this topic. I find myself constantly trying to recall lots of facts, figures, journals, scientific research papers, dates, the names of Researchers, politicians, journalists etc so that when I get into dialogue with people who hold directly opposing views I can do a decent job of not only defending my position but stopping them in their tracks with facts. It is a tough job but keeping those facts to hand is part of my life's work now as I am (and others like me are) constantly under attack.
Toggle Commented Feb 5, 2015 on Vox Interviews Olmsted on Vax at AGE OF AUTISM
I too have listened to both the Lindemans radio shows. Jake appears to me to have uncovered something solid. Mark appears compromised by those recordings and with this issue there is no compromise. I cant in earnest support Mark any further I dont believe he is on message with me and many other parents.
I love Maureen's staying power, an example to us all! We should organise a single day globally where we all wear the T-shirt and march to our Government HQ. Make the single heroic effort of Maureen's into a community effort to make an even bigger impact. Maureen alone will have saved countless people from vaccines and made many more question their actions educate themselves. To make a bigger impact we should build on Maureen's incredible work and reach out even further.
I agree wholeheartedly with other posters.... This is a distraction from the real issue. All these studies just serves to water down the fact that Vaccines cause autism. Makes me pretty cross when there is so much scientific and observational evidence supporting the very obvious cause of autism. There may well be a bunch of other environmental triggers of contributory factors but dont ignore the elephant in the room. Giving airtime to these studies suits government and Pharma- they want the mystery of autism to persist. There is no mystery. Big old bunch of distraction !
Lisa, how I chuckled :) But yes that would be super an infiltrator led investigation within Pharma. Laura, no you are not the only one. National Institute of Health aka Not In Hellschance of this study being done independently - IMHO.
John, thats me told then :) I never intended to offend anyone here at AOA apologies if I have done so. I want the best for my kids, extended family, those children at see at the park, supermarket, church, school, swimming pool who have been injured by vaccines. I want those responsible held to account. That is all.
Toggle Commented Jul 28, 2013 on Weekly Wrap: Honestly. at AGE OF AUTISM
A MOM, I hear you loud and clear and I am with you! I have asked this question before, why cant this community come together. Its simple Vaccines cause Autism, lets march to the White house, 10 Downing street, we definitely have the numbers 1 in 50 some say 1 in 25.. If they can organise Global protests against Monsanto (a complex issue, a diverse community, stakes much lower)why can this community not wins the hearts and minds of the my view because the community is perpetually "kept" in a fragmented state. There are other places now where people are congregating in big numbers and they manage to present a united front and single message "Vaccines Cause Autism" Personal feelings dont really come into it.Its about our children.
Toggle Commented Jul 27, 2013 on Weekly Wrap: Honestly. at AGE OF AUTISM
I was over at Slate a day or two back. I retired due to a similar situation to Victor Pavlovic. I can tell you that they (they being the same old bloggers) do not like the story of the US Somalian refugee autism rates. They get pretty nasty about that. It was an unbalanced article which led to the same old bloggers behaving like pack of mangy dogs. Perhaps they are on performance related pay ? There is indeed mounting presure from those who dare to think for themselves.
Lisa has said it all.
Lovely news, major achievement for Ronan, just wonderful.
Toggle Commented Jun 9, 2013 on Look at Me at AGE OF AUTISM
Anne thank you for a great round up. HealthMap should surely warrant a we are change petition as it is clearly a threat to democracy and freedom of speech ? Why are we the general population ok with this ? The Gates are currently supporting mass vaccination in the Developing world using Mercury laden Vaccines, some vaccines are experimental at best (disgusting episode in Chad in December 2012/Jan 2013), They are manipulating the news, Gates Foundation Supports the Poverty Matters blog in the Guardian UK. They are now huge investors in both Monsanto and Cargill and driving the GMO agenda with gusto. And of course Billie boy has the misguided notion he is doing Gods work to top it off. We need an online petition for the Health Map piece it has just gone too bloomin' far !
Toggle Commented Jun 5, 2013 on Dachel Media Update at AGE OF AUTISM
Steve White You maybe dont personally know any parents of vaccine injured children. if you did you would know that no mainstream doctor wants to help, let alone record their experience and create some pretty bar charts with statistics. Once the parent discloses they think its related to a vaccine reaction or multiple vaccines, the doctors deny any link and you are on your own. If doctors collect and report the data as they should you would not raise your argument as it would be well and truely game over for vaccines. One of the reasons this nightmare persists is because the data is deliberately not being collated. It is an utter disgrace. The parents are finding each other in various communities, do you know there was a facebook community of over 19,000 parents who all knew "Proud parents of unvaccinated children ( the page was removed overnight with no explanation) It is certainly not a one in a million scenario.
Mercury is just the tip of the iceberg for me. Yes its a good place to start but what about Aluminium and all the other cr@p. I just this week had a set two with a family member who had a flu shot in pregnancy and she argued it was fine because it was mercury free- my view she should most definitely not had the shot despite it being mercury free. The video is great but I am also constantly met with the view that even though the mercury is gone from Childhood vaccines Autism rates continue to rise, people try to imply it is something other than vaccines causing autism. Vaccines cause autism. The mercury debate is accepted by at least some in the mainstream but all the other Cr@p in vaccines need a huge amount of focus and airing. My personal view is reject the whole damn lot- no compromise whatsoever, I am not alone. I will share the video of course and I am a huge supporter of AOA. Just saying.
Good Job Nicholas ! I am so pleased to hear your wonderful story and hope you come back to speak again and share your progress. Keep telling your story as it is incredibly important and so many of us really want to hear all about it. Good wishes to you for your studies.
Angus, I commented on Express article but twice my AOA link was altered but not other links, perhaps they are blocking links to AOA ? That aside I was amazed that the article restored at least some balance to the debate....gave me a little hope actually.
Jenny, John (25 y/o death) My colleague read the initial headline on BBC News online which was initially something like First Measles Death, She sent in an extremely strong complaint shortly after which the headline changed to 'Swansea death man, 25, had measles" I dont honestly know if the two things were connected but what is clear is that the BBC are very happy to speculate on anything around this topic. We nor the BBC had any idea at that point why the man was dead but that did not stop the BBC from drawing all kinds of conclusions. The Media spin on this is an utter disgrace. We just happened to see the ITV coverage of the parent of a autistic son who had refused and continues to refuse the MMR. I was truly delighted to see even just one person on TV fighting the fight. It was a small triumph that one got through the disgusting Media/Government censorship net.
Toggle Commented Apr 19, 2013 on Dachel Media Update: Wales Measles at AGE OF AUTISM
I salute you Isabella Thomas. You are a brave woman to have never given up or allowed others to change your course. It is you and others like you who will ensure victims of these atrocious crimes do not get marginalised further. Your list of experts of course will have seen what the government powers have done to Dr Wakefield, alongside the atrocious treatment of parents of vaccine injured children by so many doctors and so called professionals. Others tell me that not all doctors know,realise, understand the vaccine problem ..... Ignorance by either parents or doctors is no longer a good enough excuse. Too many parents tell the same story, surely good science is about observation - but you need your eyes open to observe !!
And still the man came out fighting because there is nothing easier to fight for than the truth. I eagerly await an open debate. Delighted to hear that folk are calling for single measles vaccines ...anything which show people are having doubts about MMR is very very good. So pleased to see the Independent pick up Dr Wakefield's piece on AOA and was on the comment thread for while. I presume it got pulled because parent after parent told their story it was becoming hard to refute. So much for freedom of speech in the UK. UK Media is a disgrace, as is Salisbury.
Jake I just dont know how you kept your cool, fair play to you ! He was just stumped and trying desperately to get you on the run. But for the fact that he had an audience who clearly were in support of his general views he would have fallen and not gotten backup again. Thanks for all you do.
Toggle Commented Apr 15, 2013 on Watch David Gorski Squirm! at AGE OF AUTISM
As a fan of AOA I am totally anti vaccines on all levels. I don't believe I am alone. Given that the BBC, Guardian, Telegraph, HuffPo and all UK news outlets are writing such scathing, factually incorrect and hateful articles someone needs to hit back. An offer of a live TV debate says this man aint backing down. This debate is not about Dr Wakefield. In such a polarised debate the media have a focal point and a single man to demonise but it is us the parents who need to wade in. I have just taken a call from a colleague this morning asking what they should do, to give the MMR to a 12 month old or not- I was so pleased to be able to stop just one more person from making the wrong choice. You all gotta speak out in whatever way you can. We all have a role to play here. I am grateful to Dr Wakefield of course for his unwavering stance. Yet another person of great courage.
Kent, Thank you for sharing this, as others have said, it was so well written. My niece was injured and two of my children have autoimmune issues. Your courage gives me hope and inspires me to continue to speak out. You are managing to educate and inform those around you which is making a difference be very sure of that.