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Simon, We, as a society have chosen to give up any definitive notion of "morality" as a rooted concept and have chosen instead to see morality as something that is transient and determined by each person, for themselves. This is akin to the modern concept that your "truth" can be different than my "truth." We have decided to adopt the idea that morality can be different for each person. Worse than that, we have also decided that you (not you, specifically) can't tell me that my "truth" is wrong and that no one is allowed to judge anyone else. In a world in which "truth" and morality is different for each person and no person can tell another that their truth is incorrect, all we have to fall back on for guidelines to life is the letter of the law (since we have willingly given up another notion that there is a spirit attached to the law as well). As long as we, as a society, choose to live this way, we can't complain when companies live by the letter of the law and do things that we find morally reprehensible, but are legal. We have created this monster and this system that says as long as it is legal it is justifiable. You ask what moral standard companies should live by? None. Because we, as a society have seen fit to throw morality out the window. You can't ask companies to live by something we as a society have rejected. That is hypocritical.
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Dec 18, 2012