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I'm the last poster, as I'm not English-native speaker I did some mistakes while redacting my last message. I'll repeat my post here with corrections: Despite the fact I would desire to answer much of the statements done at the main article and in the comments on this thread, I will start my participation with one anecdote, over which I would desire to have feedback from you: Just this past week (to be exact, last december 17), my father died while he was at the street, because a car beated him. The incident happened between 20:25 hrs - 20:40 hrs. The facts about his fatal accident were that, while he was crossing at the street, some car running with abnormal velocity (around 70 milles/hr), reached him. My family knowed about the incident around 21:15 hrs. My mom became to my house and my sister to the incident's place. The first person to recognize the body was my sister around 21:45 hrs. What about that history? Ok, let's start with the main issue: My girlfriend, who lives 50 kilometers away the place where the inciden happened, became to her beed and sleeped around 20:50 hrs as she was with headache. While she was sleeping, one dream came to her: Into the dream, she watched my father crossing some street, and while crossing, a big car with two brilliant lights approached too fast to him; in his dream she watched my father getting up his left arm and covering his face with his hand. Because the impression, she waked up shortly while saying a long "Noooooooooo!". When she waked, there were around 21:40 hrs. Inmediately she called to my house thinking that possibly I had a trouble. My mother (who for that time was in my house) hanged up and told her my father several minutes ago were involved in a mortal accident. She became very impressed (as later she told me) and basically, she wasn't believing what she was listening. One day later the event, while I was with her in my room, she told me her dream. She's very dependable, there's no reason why she would joke with something like that and no one reason for making a tale, as she's (just like me) not religious and she's not paranormal believer. I wanna say I'm software engineer, my mind is abstract and logic oriented. I've no reason for making a tale or any hoax. I'm clearly watching some event that current science would have too much troubles to explain, basically why, several minutes after the event, and through a dream, someone watches the incident without prior knowledge about the event, how it happened and without to be near the location. So, for my friends at this forum: Can you explain me, in a scientific way, with a logic, rational-based approach, why my girlfriend watched through a dream the facts about the incident? From a probability point of view: How much probable is that, without prior knowledge about the incident itself, she dreamed details about this one (my father, the street, the car, and the beat)? Keep in touch :).
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Dec 27, 2012