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We don't a 100% all or nothing solution. Using a mix of power sources for transportation fuel and not relying only on PV or only on biofuels or only on nuclear is probably a good thing. That said, PV and PEVs have significant synergies that can be leveraged to provide a substantial portion of transportation fueling requirements. This article states that 1.1E6 ha of PV could replace the US transportation gasoline. This is almost exactly the same area as the land used for non-residential parking in the US. Hence, every car that spends a substantial amount of time parked in one of these parking areas during the daylight hours could potentially be charged directly by PV installed above the parking area for at least part of its power. Because the PEV supplies the electric storage and if it is a PHEV or EREV its own alternate backup, the intermittentcy of the PV is not an issue. For larger installations, the levelized cost of PV electricity would yield a lower fuel cost per mile than a gasoline powered car, even a Prius. So all that is needed is for the cost of the PEV to decline to a more competitive price. This is not a 100% solution. Not all cars park in parking lots during the day, and not all parking lots have enough cars parked in the daytime to warrant being completely covered by PV for EV charging. However perhaps 1/3 to 1/2 of vehicle fuel could be replace in this way.
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Jan 4, 2013