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Tampa Bay, Florida
Driven To Connection
Interests: Being Kind, Helping Others, Connecting Others
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Join me/us Rick Schwartz himself ! Live tonite on my popular "terrestrial" radio show "Let's Not Talk About It" ! Where we Won't Be Talking About ...... Hmmm .... You'll just have to listen in now won't you? :) So you want to call in do you? 727-441-3000 When 6-7 PM EST ! Also can listen on just search 1340 AM Tan Talk Tampa ! And here's a little bit about what it "might" be about :) I know you're going to love my uniform! FYI that's where I get lots of great contacts! Cate - and I'll be chatting with you soon! :)
Michael - just got done watching your vid :) - Congrats! You are a true leader and I hope I get the opportunity to work with you sir! :)
Love, love Derek Sivers! Spent some time w him at a Conference in PA a few years back :) "The First Follower" is the go to place I send everyone when asked how to start a movement. He presented this first at a Ted Talk he gave and then posted on his site. Shortly afterwards I had fun relating it to my favorite mascot the Phillies "Phanatic" here a few years ago :) "The 2nd follower is a turning point: It's proof the first has done well. Now it's not a lone nut, and it's not two nuts. Three is a crowd and a crowd is news". - My favorite quote/lesson here Even more so then "The first follower turns a lone nut in to a leader" because of just that - a crowd is news!!! Looking forward to being one of the twelve 2nd followers you lone nut Rick you! And you the first follower Danny :)
Hello Newgrl from and "Old Girl" :) wasn't able to see your application but look forward to being on the same team with you if we are both picked :)
Brian - look forward to being on the same team with you if we both get picked ! Although I might not know this particular "industry" I 'm quite confident that your knowledge/skills will help make us all a stronger team and just perhaps some of the skills/other industries/life that he rest of us will bring to the table might help you and JV as a whole perhaps :)
Looking forward to seeing you vid Dr. ! I'm humbly serve on the same team as you if we both get picked!! You can be the HEADLINE and we'll take care of the moving "Neck" ok :)
excellent video(s) Brandon!!! Love your creativity/hustle ! It would be an honor to serve on the same team with you if we both get selected!! :)
Great Video Anthony ! Here's a smile for you as well :). You say you haven't been in sales but you really have :) Service is sales and sounds like you've had years of experience doing just that! Hope we both make the team :). We all help each other :)
Realized that I didn't say - here is my video submission on my post earlier so - Here is my video application Thanks for the opportunity and looking forward to being part of a rising tide :) Cate
There's and old, wise saying: Cater to the classes, dine with the masses; cater to the masses, dine with the classes. I like the masses numbers Rick :) amen!
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Jan 7, 2013