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We can't wait! We fell in love with as soon as we got there, despite it being too wet to even see the whole of the grounds! We're actually heading up this weekend to (hopeully) see it in all it's springtime glory. Loving your photos of it here, you seemed to capture it perfectly! And congrats on your clock tower climb - i'd seen it on your blog previously, it's a view you really wouldn't want to miss!
The excitement! I'll be getting maried in Errol Park a year tomorrow, and can't wait! Such a gorgeous wedding, and i just love the quirkyness of it all.. :)
I'm so glad there's been a post on this! We've booked an 'engagement shoot', purely as a basis to get to know our photographers and ensure we feel both comfortable with them AND with their cameras on the big day. I hate having my photograph taken, and would typically use any excuse not to be in front of camera (possibly the reason I’m behind one so often), but i do love photographs and feel the wedding ones are the main mementos after the wedding itself, so they're the one thing we're splashing out on and we want to do everything we can to ensure they're worth it! It's odd though, as because it's a relatively new 'thing', I spent a day being seriously mocked for it by the guys in my office, most of whom have been married upwards of 5 years or so, as they could only see it as a 'bigheaded' way of getting pictures of ourselves and not as the tool we're using it for - the pictures will hopefully just be a nice bonus! Now to figure out when and where we're going to have it, which is quite a tricky one to be honest!
I got engaged early last year, and to be honest, I had no inclination to go to any sort of large/national wedding fayre. I imagined it to be too busy, too impersonal, too expensive to attend and full of pushy sellers attempting to get you to 'sign up today for unbeatable offers!'. I know that's not necessarily the case, as I’ve had friends who have found said fairs to be invaluable, but it just wasn't my cup of tea. I have however, attended a few smaller/local fairs, and even then, there have been rather pushy sellers, however I cannot fault the Glasgow Wedding Collective fayre, where it feels like your just there chatting with lots of friends about potential plans. The internet has also proved a huge part of the planning, but with some items, such as photography, i feel it’s important to get to know the people behind the ‘product’ in the first instance as they’re going to be such a big part of your day, and fayres are one of the best ways of doing just that. The GWC fayre is low key (albeit i can imagine the masses of effort that goes into it!), free, local, and full of the friendliest bunch of folk you could hope to meet, and exactly what i was looking for.
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Jan 16, 2013