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Richard C Burton
Sierra foothills, Calif
curious and proactive
Interests: mountain biking, snowboarding
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Insider; why do you refer to the Bolt as a "100 miler"? Are you implying that their 200+ mile range is a fiction? I thought I'd read where they really do go 200+ miles...
I have also read somewhere that the cost to produce for Saudi Arabia per barrel of oil is extremely low ($10 barrel?) so they make money regardless of price...
great discussion you guys-thanks for your well thought out reasoned info, and with no name calling or slurs! great job, and I mean that!
ah, and perfect to be able to peer in on one's neighbors or someone you want to leer at...or perhaps try flying that over a police officer during a traffic stop or drug bust and see the reaction (I'd suggest carry a toothbrush) Is privacy just a nostalgic concept?
ah, but don't forget that the Prius has a transmission to wear out too-my brother's 2006 tranny went out at about 160,000 miles and it was going to be a $4000 repair when Toyota decided to cover it for him(far beyond normal warranty, with the admonition that he was lucky they covered it...)and he had to replace his "special" lead acid battery at the same time to the tune of about $300!
Great! Ford diesels in my experience are the noisiest and dirtiest diesel truck engines out there!! An entirely new and smaller diesel would have been much more useful and environmentally sound. Who needs MORE than 400 horsepower?! in a pickup truck- get real,its an ego boost-how fast do you need to go up hills with your 5th wheel?!
cujet; I drive a 98 Honda Civic w the 105?hp engine and a 5 speed,weighs about 2400lbs, and has very acceptable power and acceleration. Now granted add 2-3 passengers, and turn on the air conditioner, and it is perceptably much weaker, but I like most people ususally drive alone, and with a manual,I can partially compensate for the weight by keeping the revs up. Me thinks the horsepower race(and demand for rapid acceleration) is very counterproductive to good mileage.
a $100,000 fine, over diverting $3.2 million to his family- crime does pay!! Anybody think the big boys are really being effectively regulated? and it gives alternative energy/engine development a bad reputation to boot.
so you proponents of nuclear power, how will you feel if Syria,Iran,Iraq,and Cuba want nuclear power too? and how bout North Korea and Pakistan? I still say the dangers from nuclear proliferation alone, far outweigh the benefits...It will take only one real nuclear bomb(or one "dirty bomb") going off to far outweigh all these claimed benefits. Not just from the explosion, but from the aftermath of the very likely nuclear war that will follow!
@ds; can you steer me towards more information re how to treat the smoke coming out of my woodstove? thanks @KitP; unfortunately when one chokes down a woodstove to make it run thru the night, it's basically smouldering and I'm sure polluting like crazy...and I would think that would be so regardless if it is an EPA approved stove-and I hear you that it's best to run a smaller stove with full air rather than choke down a bigger one.
Toppa; you may be right. Wish insurance rates were based on likely damage to other vehicles, so that the lifted up 4wd4dr 7000lb+pickups are discouraged!Some of their bumpers are at window height of my Honda Civic!
I wonder if we should assume that because Volvo is going to own the Chinese truck subsidiary that their diesel engines will be cleaner. In my experience visiting Costa Rica, Toyota sells very dirty burning diesel pickups that unfortunately run forever...and to my knowledge Toyota has done zip to rectify those spewing engines that they so sold for so long!
so does anybody know of how to lessen black carbon from a woodstove. Myself and alot of others use woodheat during the winter-I assume choking it down at night greatly increases black carbon even if it's an EPA stove-any practical retrofit filters out there??? suggestions?
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Jan 16, 2013