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I realize it is not the politically correct thing to say, but for the sake of any hope of action to preserve the long term climate, the faster Arctic sea ice volume and extent hit zero, the better. Nothing else will change the mind of the average Joe (and most of the MSM). After an absolutely mind blowing 2012 in the US, CNN still felt the need to give a blatantly lying, professional climate denier the same amount of time as the pro-science side (on Piers Morgan the other night). Even though the science side has gotten more support from the US based public after being hammered with AGW related disasters all year, the exact opposite is true for Europe, and especially Northern Europe, where four winters in a row with severe Arctic blasts have swayed opinion in anti-science direction better than any well paid denier could have dreamed of doing. The melt records in the Arctic have had some impact, but I think that the impact of images of the North Pole being pretty much completely melted away will have a much stronger effect on public opinion than all other climate related catastrophes that we have seen so far combined. The deniers will try to spin it wildly, but I think that will be the moment when the majority of the public finally wakes up. The denial industry knows this all too well, so they will be prepared.
Toggle Commented Jan 25, 2013 on New PIOMAS vid at Arctic Sea Ice
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Jan 25, 2013