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This is a great way to see love. It reminds me that everything else is something else. All the pushing, pulling, controlling, expecting; all very unnecessary. The love is there always behind it all, steady and unmoving. That's actually quite comforting. Thank you, Deb!
Toggle Commented Jun 21, 2014 on What is Love? at Deb Brockmann
I feel angry reading your words, Deb. It is so wrong for people to hurt others and judge like that. You're certainly right about your honest words falling on deaf ears. People only know what they know. I believe the more you let go of people who bring you down, the more space there is for those who lift you up to enter your life. You're doing amazing, staying centered on your path and continually evaluating how you can accept more responsibility for yourself and remain compassionate at the same time! I have so much respect for how you live your life! You deserve the best to come back to you!!!
I COMPLETELY know what you're talking about! I feel so powerful and capable sometimes. But then, I am yanked back, sometimes on my own accord, and sometimes when someone makes even a slight remark questioning what I'm doing. I take that as an opportunity to dive into the dark pit of self-doubt and criticism. The fear is less and less gripping as I work through it and the things I can do are bigger and bigger. So that's cool. Do you think there will come a time, in this lifetime, Deb, when that kind of self-doubt becomes a non-issue? I can only imagine the freedom I could feel!! Thank you for being brave enough to share what each one of us feels inside!
As always, Deb, a great post! Thank you! I read something related to this that has stuck with me: If you can control the breath, you can control the mind. Sometimes that's more accessible to me than non-judgement.
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