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Hannah Kilpatrick
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Thank you! I don't, no, because of the whole PhD thing - I know I wouldn't be able to keep up anything regular enough to keep people entertained, and don't need that extra pressure. :) Maybe in a few years!
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Feb 3, 2013
Hi! Just dropping a line to let you know that I have been galloping through back issues (back pods?) of this podcast, and it's tremendous fun. I've been practically internetless for weeks due to a combination of moving interstate and starting my phd and so haven't really had time to drop you a line. Besides, I'm not quite caught up yet - Henry III has only just started using the Seal in his own name, so we've a little way to go. But I'm very happy that I found it when I did - quite apart from easing long hours back and forth on the bus moving all my books from my grandmother's house to my college dorm, you're just getting into my own period: Edward II's reign! I'm working on anger in English chronicles of (broadly) the first half of the fourteenth century, partly because of the interesting historiological shift that starts to take place between the last few years of Edward I and the first couple of decades of Edward III; and, as my masters thesis was in a similar area, I'm sure you'll be hearing more of my babble from time to time over the coming weeks. (Also, thank you - I confess I never really did know what the Fine Rolls were. Despite using them frequently. Oops.)
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Feb 3, 2013