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Edward Murphy
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Guys, If you want to read stories about actual sports teams, go elsewhere. If you want to read stories about Ethiopian babies, and a slut ex-wife of a player making out with some schlub radio intern, then go through the on-line equivalent of a TSA exam to post about it, then this site is for you!! I can't blame Kyle though, his focus now is the great sports debate show, and hopping on big daddy Graham's 3am radio show. The combined 3 people that watch/listen to those shows appreciate his dedication.
So the "great sports debate" has an ex-wife of a football player, the current wife of a long snapper, and a blogger who copies and pastes all day??? Wow, how riveting! If a show is broadcast, and no one watches it, is it really broadcast? GSD can surely answer this question.
Mr Kish, I'm glad someone else has realized the sheer brutality that is this sport. My sources tell me that Mr. Snider personally switched Mr Crombeen's helmet prior to the game with one of the inferior helmets that he forces upon his own players. I will be filing a complaint first thing in the morning with the league. That being said, Rinaldo fucked that pussy up!!
Eddie, do you actually think he changed the whole comment section just to satisfy the whinings of a crybaby loser? Also, to sign up with type pad, you just enter and fake email address and then pick a user name so I'm not sure how its going to keep people out.
Marks and brace blow. They are completely unlistenable as is all of sports talk radio. Maybe they can share stories on air about who gives mikey miss the better blow job
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Feb 4, 2013