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Aside from the politically hungry, it is difficult to convince qualified people to serve on the council. I have the sense that Ed Fox' statement has more to do with the dynamics of our school board than with the legitimacy of Richard Slack's appointment to the Rye City Council. I've known Ed for years. He had to know that his statement would be used as "evidence" or "proof" of something, for those who live for that sort of thing. But I don't presume to second guess his intent. Regardless, I am certain that there was no quid pro quo arrangement between the mayor and the school board president for the mutual benefit of their spouses. That is just silly. There's no benefit to either spouse other than the benefit that accrues from service. In short, even if you're inclined to think the worst about public figures, which is understandable, you'll have to admit there's no "money" here -- certainly nothing worth selling your good name for. It didn't happen. Move on. This is just gossip from men who wanted the council seat themselves and were never seriously considered by Sack.
I am happy for you, Mayor Sack. I'm hoping that you and Steve Otis and George Latimer work together to keep Rye Rye.
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Who knew you were a restaurant reviewer? This write-up makes me want to try their korma, one of my favorite foods. Nothing scary on the menu? No guinea pigs or yak or anything? More like this please.
Forgive me if I don't address you by your chosen online name - You ask "what is the problem with Tony Piscionere?" The answer is, I don't know if there is a "problem" with Tony Piscionere. This is a local GOP civil war. It looks like it failed for the most part. There are those who don't see Tony as sufficiently supportive of the "Change for Rye" ideals, I guess. I think the sooner Rye puts that sorry mistake behind us the better. Too bad Catherine Parker has outed herself as a fellow traveler. Paula Gamache went down that rabbit hole and got turned out of office. You spend too much time with people on a council and Stockholm Syndrome can set in if you don't have a strong sense of who you are and what's important to you. Catherine signing Doug French's petition for Peter Jovanovich means she's taking a stand in that civil war -- on the side of rudeness, condescension and general ineffectiveness. I guess Peter's handful of followers are more important to her than loyalty to her friends who Peter has treated with such disdain. I want them all out of office. I just wish we could get Andy Ball and Mack Cunningham back, but that's just me.
Need change: Asking simple questions is not "dumb". It is smart. "Dumb" is broadcasting your opinion without being informed. Your question is an intelligent one. Simply, political parties include elected reps at the local, county wide and state level as well as nationally. These women and men are often included in the fine print on those very long petitions you might have encountered.They actually vote on who can run under the party's mantle, with exceptions. In addition they vote on who will be chairman etc. I may write a simple explanation of these arcane details for MY RYE since they came up this year locally for both parties in that Catherine Parker needed permission to run as a Democrat because she is not a member of the party, and there were "district leader" races within the Rye City Republican Party, in an effort to overthrow the local chairman Tony Piscionere. Knowing these rules is the equivalent of following off season trades in baseball. They do affect the game you're watching, but you can certainly enjoy the game without getting bogged down in the minutiae.
The top two candidates for each district leader seat win - but I realize being uninformed doesn't mean you can't state your opinion. I'm just happy for Andrew Dapolite. His victory must be sweet. After being targeted by Peter Jovanovich for telling the truth about being asked to lie on his job, it is a shame he was targeted by Matt Fahey, who has, quite admirably, spoken out in the past against bullies. Someday I would like Matt to tell me what he really thinks of the way Andrew Dapolite was treated by the adults on the council.
[Breaking news... Upon information received, the BOE voted last night where 4 voted to bring charges (all female members) and 3 voted against (2 males and 1 female). It has to be unanimous.] Mr. Lamont, I am glad you care about what is going on in our school district and our city government. It is difficult to keep up with one, let alone both. However, as with the complaint you filed against Julie Killian, which to me had no basis, I don't know where you're getting this information re: the school board executive session. Education Law, like Election Law, is one of my interests. I went to the State Education Department web site and I didn't find anything that said a vote to bring charges had to be unanimous. I might be in the wrong place and you can feel free to correct me but here's the link I'm looking at: Education Law §3020-a. Disciplinary procedures and penalties. I don't know the significance of the breakdown by sex, although it's clear one "female" didn't get the memo from The Sisterhood of the Traveling PTO and accidentally voted with the bros. My point is, are you sure this actually happened? If it's a closed to the public Exec. Session, how do you know?
PONO the CORN KING? Who thought that was a good name? Reads like PORNO the Cone King. That being said, my Aunt Viola was a ribbon earning pie baker in Columbia County. I miss her pie crusts, although I'm sure she probably used lard. I will have to get to the market and see if a cherry pie is available.
I don't mean to disappoint anyone, but I doubt there is any validity to the complaint about Julie Killian's involvement with New Yorkers for Growth. It's a legitimate PAC which backs fiscal conservatives but, as far as I know, they don't lobby. Regardless, this is a thread about Peter Jovanovich so let's post about Julie elsewhere. Regarding Peter, his quixotic run for mayor reminds me of Vito Lopez running for NYC Council, the primary difference being, Lopez could win. Learning about his history in the private sector, I find Peter's hostility toward Andrew Dapolite (as a whistleblower) understandable, but still unforgivable. Quite honestly everyone on the council now has nothing to be proud of regarding Andrew. You all know he was telling the truth. If you were stand up people, he'd get his job back with back pay and an apology. Some of you of course are more craven than others but you all should be ashamed of your behavior regarding Andrew. Peter was especially nasty though. He has to live with that. He should not under any circumstances be rewarded with a term as mayor of Rye.
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Mr. Lamont, We've never met so for now I'll take you at your word that you intended to compliment Brune & Richard. It was the wonderful Tina Fey who first said (on SNL during the 2008 Democratic Primary) that Bitch is the New Black and, further, Bitches Get Things Done. Yes, we are are and yes we do. So you get a pass. Should another such phrase find its way from your keyboard to the Internet I will not be so understanding. Capisce?
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Ms. Zeppie, this is my real name. If you read carefully what I wrote, instead of having a spasmodic knee-jerk reaction, you would see that I took a neutral position on this subject. You, however, call it a "witch hunt"— which means you've already conducted an investigation in your mind and find the accused as innocent as the persecuted in the Salem Witch Trials. You also contradict yourself when you say you stand by the administrators, after you just called Frank Alvarez "self serving". You deplore the impact on the teachers' reputations, but I have no idea who they are. I do know who the Superintendent is, however, and you just took a very public shot at his reputation. Your tired rhetoric of "standing behind the Rye teachers" tells me its a good thing you retired. No one needs that Us against Them mentality. Good teachers are worth their weight in gold. Bad teachers should be fired. I don't stand behind any group or profession en masse. I do stand for honesty and the flow of information wherever that may lead.
I have to agree with tedc. Knowing nothing about the circumstances surrounding this incident, I too am impressed that Dr. Alvarez got it right out there to the extent he could while still protecting employees' due process rights. The superintendent appears to be the right leader for Rye Schools, and the decision to hire him is a credit to an informed and involved board.
Of course, you could say that the price of Rye real estate is as "exclusive" as any NYC magnet or charter school. We, as a public school, have to educate all students, but that is all students...who can afford to live in Rye. I'd say people who are willing to pay the premium on homes here are fairly motivated parents. I'm optimistic that the new superintendent, Dr. Frank Alvarez, will encourage our schools to foster an atmosphere of empathy, as bullying and, more important, shunning, remain a problem. In addition I'd like to see a broader definition of what makes a successful adult. The secret to a meaningful life can't be learned in an AP class. None the less, I want to congratulate my friends Laura Slack, board president, Katy Keohane, vice president and Ed Fox - ranking brilliant and difficult attorney - for the thousands of hours of unpaid time they've devoted to really learning what makes a school system work, and doing their best to get us there, consistently. Many of us can be brilliant at the lectern at a board meeting, but it is the binders full of data, and mind numbing financials, and blue prints and budgets, and all day work shops, all of which they routinely endure, which got us to this point. Finally to the good parents of Rye, who set an example for their children by their own every day efforts and good habits—give yourselves some well-earned credit. After a decade in this city, I still don't know how you do it.
Hello Rye Wit, A couple things—your information regarding STAR is not accurate as you present it. There may be more about Hen Island as a corporation of which I'm unaware, but I lived in a co-op and was able to take STAR legally. As a matter of fact, two older adults in the co-op got extended STAR. As for Ray Tartaglione, I don't know how much money he makes, but I'm assuming he is quite comfortable financially. That being said, he might not be able to collect the STAR exemption. Many people no longer can because for the last couple years it's been based on income. However, where you take the STAR exemption, is not necessarily connected to where you vote. That leads me to my next point. New York State allows voters with two residences to vote from whichever they choose. Many New Yorkers vote from weekend homes in the Hudson Valley or on the East End of Long Island. The courts have found that to be legal. Taking a STAR at one home and voting from the other hasn't been ruled illegal. The point is you can only vote from 1 residence and you have to have a legitimate connection to that residence. I think Ray Tartaglione, even his worse detractors would admit, has a legitimate connection to Hen Island. Finally—to Chris Henn—you know I took your side in 2009 when I thought that Ray and others, on behalf of Change for Rye, were being unfair to Steve Otis and the men on his ticket. I thought then, and have been proven right now, that we were making a mistake voting those men out of office. Since then there has been a lot of stuff on My Rye bordering on wacky. For example, the stuff about Ray being short. What's up with that? I'm 5'2" and although I'd like to be taller, it's not a character flaw. Besides, is he really short? I'll have to take a look at the next council meeting but it's tough unless he's standing next to someone else.He doesn't seem short to me. I mean, he's no Andy Pettitte, but who is? Yeah, I know I called tedc a cross dresser, but only after he made reference to my "skirt" —and besides, as a liberal, I don't have a problem with cross dressing. Some of those men are quite stunning. ; ) But, you guys have gone to far. Ray Tartaglione doesn't "own" me, I've shown that, and I live in Rye. You exaggerate his power and influence. If what you say is true, he could get you guys to clean up that island, right — which wouldn't kill you, honestly. Tartaglione was wrong to support Doug French et al, but I think he knows that now. French was wrong to promise him he'd do more regarding Hen Island to get his support, then treating him as a pariah once elected. So let's hope the next Mayor can resolve this issue. In the mean time, I took your side against those guys—and signed my name. You should remember the blow back I got. So I'm asking you to lay off the silly stuff which just makes the blog unpleasant to read. There are fewer trolls here than on Patch, but sniping in general only encourages others to take another look at Tartaglione's mosquito and sewage videos — which are a little disturbing.
This is not a twist. Ken Jenkins' position has been the same from the time Sustainable Playland was announced. I've been critical of the Democrats on the board in the past but I presented my opinion clearly as an opinion. After reading Robin Jovanovich's latest press release—in the paper she and her husband own—supporting, (surprise), her husband, I've become less tolerant of bias masquerading as impartial reporting. Rye deserves better. Whether you agree with Ken Jenkins and his members or not, it is not fair to write "Do these guys ever speak with one another?". They simply disagree with the decision, which should come as no surprise to anyone who reads the paper.
Matt, this is an issue on which I've been focused since the floods in 2006. "Every man for himself" isn't much of a plan. Although the Rye Caring Committee does an excellent job helping individual families recover from being flooded out of their homes, it is a good idea to take preemptive measures to the extent possible. The Rye Nature Center and the Little Garden Club are working on getting native trees replanted which is an important means of retaining top soil and absorbing flood waters. Are you thinking about changing your stance on "private property" and the "right" to clear cut trees in light of our recent flood and the mass destruction of the few trees that remain in the face of a solid decade of development? It doesn't make a lot of sense to defend the right to Belgian Block your front lawn and rip out old growth oak trees because 2,600 square feet seems "cramped" then work to prepare for the increased run off that results. Isn't that closing the proverbial barn door after you defended citizens' "right" to let out their cows? CERT training is vital to our city, I agree, but it has to be part of a more comprehensive effort to mitigate the effects of increasingly extreme weather. Otherwise it's an ineffective Plan B.
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