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Can't we just amputate, buy him some blades and a hangun and be done with it?
Toggle Commented Feb 14, 2013 on Help Utley Rebuild His Knees at Crossing Broad
I should have noted that those are the offensive rankings in the years Davis was the DC. Sorry, but I'm an uneducated heathen and don't know any better.
He literally hit the jackpot? Interesting. He honestly doesn’t appear to be of age to play any games of chance which would result in one literally winning the jackpot.
I guess my point is that so many people blame him for the performance of the team and the product put on the court and if you are going to claim he has a hand in that, you should give him credit for the moves that have been made during his tenure.
I’m not going to pretend that I’m overly happy about the signing but if you look at the offensive stats of the teams when he was the DC, you begin to think that maybe the defense was worn out because the offense couldn’t stay on the field. 2005 Niners: 32nd 2006 Niners: 26th 2009 Cardinals: 14th 2010 Cardinals: 31st It’s no coincidence that Davis had his best year in 2009 when the Cards were able to put together a competent offense that could control the clock (to some degree) and give the defense the chance to rest, regroup and make adjustments. I’m curious what he is able to do if this offense call pull it together.
Adam Aron doesn’t get the city, huh? He got rid of one of the most maligned players in recent Philadelphia sports history when he dealt “Dre”. He replaced Iggy with an elite center which is what fans of this team have been demanding for years. He changed the atmosphere at the games to be much more fan and family friendly instead of the stale shenanigans the organization had been pulling for years. He is opens himself up to the public and does not hide in the front office. I’d say that he is more a “Philly” guy than most CEO’s that have passed through this city. Try to just put a little thought into your comments before hitting the ‘post’ button, you uneducated imbecile.
@Brad Jackson: It depends. Did the American children have original ideas or inventions that warranted patents? Race and citizenship have absolutely nothing to do with how patents are distributed. Also, you are an uneducated heathen and I dislike you on a personal and spiritual level.
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Feb 7, 2013