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Gary... thanks for doing the research. By the way, the gentleman pictured in the Wilberforce photo is the first cousin once removed of P D Arnett. P D Arnett's father Ephraim and Rev. Benjamin Arnett Sr's (the father of the Wilberforce player) father Samuel were brothers. Also, I'm pretty sure the Arnett pictured with Wilberforce photo is Alphonso T Arnett. The first letter of his first name is printed just like the "A" in the last name, Arnett.
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Having researched Charles Thomas for over four years and seeing well over 50 different photos of him, I am certain that the gentleman referenced in your blog post is not the Charles Lee Thomas who went to Ohio Wesleyan. Thomas had a very recognizable facial expression which was consistant in almost every photo I've seen. Besides the recognition factor, I have not found in any of my research that Thomas (of OWU) ever pitched. Actually... there are two gentlemen shown to the left of the team owner, but only one is referrenced by name. Of the two, I think that the first looks more like Thomas of OWU than the other. However, having studied this photo previously, I have discounted that one, as well. Thomas (of OWU) did in fact play for them in the summer of 1905 and in a Zanesville Ohio (his hometown) news interview of 1946, he references this fact.
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Feb 10, 2013