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Your Mother
In my bedroom you idiots
I am your Mother so shut the hell up.
Interests: Drinking, smoking, prostituting myself, prostituting others, drinking, smoking, knitting phillies gear, puck bunny (old and wrinkly one)
Recent Activity
Chase Utley encouraging Roy to drill some batters gives me lady wood in my lady parts. Now please excuse me while I go fire up old faithful.
T-Mac is 100% better than that needle dicked, bug fucking "Wheels". I wouldn't waste a beer on putting his toupee out if it were on fire. I wouldn't warn him if he were walking in front of an on coming train. If he was on a ledge over a meat grinder I'd push him in. That's how I feel about Chris Wheeler. BTW Kyle, He is your Father, I think. Maybe.
My pantie puddles smell like gin and tonic. Kyle, if you don't bring me my liniment rub and vodka right away I won't wash your tightey whitey skid marks anymore.
Hunter Pence carries large lumber. Your Mommy loves men who carry large lumber.
Toggle Commented Feb 13, 2013 on Hey, Remember This Guy? at Crossing Broad
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Feb 12, 2013