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Here we go with multiple suggestions: Make tree awards like you have for animals and seedlings. When you mouse over animals in the farm, let us know how many feedings there are needed until the next ribbon all the time, not just when there are a few to go. Put up a sign on the farm that we can write on to inform people who visit us so we can tell them what we need done just like the original Farmville does. In the version, in the sidebar for collection of gifts/freebies, inform us as to what color of gift we get when we get yogurt, yarn or eggs like you do when we collect off of facebook homepage. All it tells you is that we successfully got the item but not the color. Give us the ability to turn off the animation like you do in the original Farmville. It is very irritating to make changes to the farm or collect certain items or water/fertilize when the animals get in the way and sometimes cause us to lose a turn/action cause of it. Give us the ability to pay for another trough with coins, not just FV dollars. We all don’t have money to spend. Go through the players farms and penalize the cheaters. It is not illegal. You own the game and there are rules. Violators should have their items removed, i.e. as stated in the forums, the max troughs is 5. Some have a lot more. Quit awarding FV dollars to the Farm of the Week to those who pay to make their farms beautiful. It is not fair to those of us who cannot spend money. If not, make a second award to those who are at levels that do not pay and give us awards as well. We need more new trees in the inventory. Many of us are high level players now and bought all the available trees with coins. Up the limit of gifts capable of receiving when visiting the homepages of friends or in’s sidebar. It would help us in fulfilling our tasks. Create a Noah’s Ark award that gives unlimited water or a large amount . There are a half a dozen seedlings that require thousands of plantings and just minutes and it will take months to get all of them to blue status. You have similar items in the original FV. Give us the ability to sell our crops to our neighbors and friends like you do in the original FV. When collecting our gifts in the inbox, turn off the invites to other games at the bottom of the list when you have already blocked the game. Right now, games that I block still show up as invites when I collect my gifts. Fix the fence breakthroughs and animals escaping or stop the animation of animals like in the original FV. Create a horse or cow barn or both. When you have reached the limit of an item in the inventory, i.e. fence posts, and there are more in your collection of your gifts sent to you by your friends in our inbox, turn the excess into coins like in the original FV instead of nothing or at least inform us of the limit has been reached while we collect them like you do when we open the game up. Give us the ability to speed up the progress of the kilns like you do with the goats and sheep with some type of power booster. Give us the ability to see how many more feedings it takes to make animals prized that were not bought, i.e. witch bunny, in the ability to purchase animals you have graph bars to tells us but unbought ones are not listed. Also, why not put those unbought ones in the market either as ability to buy them or blocked as to show what exists out there like in the original FV. When rolling out new animals for limited time, please add an animal and tree that we can buy with coins, not just FV dollars. Ability to sell animals and items in the inventory. Ability to sell either all or in multiple quantities of items in the market stand. It takes a long time to try to sell thousands of plants when it should be able to be done with one button. Banish obvious cheaters and moderators that abuse their privileges, i.e. moderator that has over 80 animals on her farm with NO troughs.
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Feb 22, 2013