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@ John Moore Your language about women's "proper" roles in the family is offensive on a conservative blog post about meaning, purpose, and destiny as it relates to God. Your argument is invalid. How about talking about the actual subject of the post? That would be way more productive and intellectual.
Great video Brett. Thanks for posting this.
Brett, Thanks so much for taking the time to answer this week's challenge. I enjoy your insight and wisdom that you bring to the table to address these issues and the work you do for STR. All that said I found it very distracting with riding in the car, camera bouncing, road tire noise, kid noises, and wife who clearly didn't want to be photographed. I would like to concentrate on what you are trying to convey without all the other competition going on. Maybe answers in the car aren't a good venue. It's not something I would choose given the importance of the topic. Sorry if the sounds unduly harsh or nit picky. I'm just trying to be constructive without being offensive. Please keep doing videos. I appreciate them and watch them. Just please not in the car with a thousand distractions.
Assuming the originals to be copied many times is a perfectly reasonable assumption. If the gospel writers took great care in composing their writings and they sincerely believed that Jesus' life, death, burial and resurrection are the greatest news for all of humanity, of course it would be reasonable for it to be copied many times from the originals.
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Feb 22, 2013