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Excellent piece, especially the points about not following a rigid plan, and mainly focusing on individuals and interactions over target markets. Most artists intend to "blast" the top music blogs and festivals/etc, but they certainly don't intend to take the effort to start a conversation with any individuals who may have influence in those areas. It's just not on the agenda, because they want to leap from the ground to the mountain peak. Thanks for the piece!
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Hi Casandra...what a fascinating and thorough read. Thanks for sharing! I have to admit, some aspects are a bit humorous and frightening at the same time, too, although I have no doubt the facts are accurate. Gone are the days of engaging with the live act in a direct human way, while possibly enjoying a beer and sharing the time with friends. I can see what you're describing in my mind's eye; rooms full of people glued to their iPhones, tweeting, texting, using apps, and even WATCHING STREAMS OF THE CONCERT THEY'RE AT! It's a funny thought, but no surprise. It's the same thing we see anywhere in public, on the train, etc. People are glued to technology at the moment and artists are going to have to find new ways of engaging that glued mind. Enjoyed your writing!
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Great post, Mike. I think that we're going through a phase as well where we're intensely interested in new music and distribution technologies, and these can go a long way, but perhaps the artistic momentum, or the heart/soul of this particular project, just didn't hold it together. It's easy to forget that it needs to be absolutely compelling on a human level. Nice work simplifying the public's perception of crowd funding - I think you're right there. If they feel it's valuable, they'll support it. If not, they won't. Bickering won't really help that!
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Hi Robin, I enjoyed the post and the main point about simply saving up money is needed in a time when this is counter-intuitive to most artists. You're painting quite the horrific picture of "industry types", though, who seem to want to just feed off the profits of artists. But why do they exist? Because artists don't want to promote themselves generally. That's a fact. They exist because artists, rightfully so, in many cases want to outsource. Most artists don't have the DIY spirit to take it all the way and be like Henry Rollins, being their own publicist, manager, etc. If you hire someone and they rip you off, of course, that reflects on them, but to paint the industry in this way is inaccurate.
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