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Bozeman, Montana
Domain Investor & Broker
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Hey Rick The concept of Domain Leasing has been around for some time now (many of which have been failures.) But the INFERNO of information that is coming at us right now is a direct result of you and your new associate. I receive daily alerts regarding this issue and the results a phenomenal! One thing I've noticed is a huge amount of plagiarism going on. Some have what you have word for word. Others think they are being clever in changing a few words around. No originality! (You have 'Copyscape' on JointVentures...might want to start using it on your blog...just a suggestion) Commenting on others inability to be original is not the reason I'm taking the time to post this evening. But rather to congratulate you guys on bringing the information you do to the Domain Industry. I for one have gotten rid of hundreds of "pigeon shit" domains and purchased many others I believe have greater long term value. Domain sales will always put bread on the table. But Domain Leasing will give us all a really cool table to place that bread on. Domain Leasing is the new age for the Domain Industry. Look at what Gordon just did...WOW...a .Ca even! Fantastic! As always, looking at the future...
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Feb 26, 2013