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Michael picks, and to be paired with Do I have that correct?
I want to congratulate everyone chosen for the broker role. We are part of something big, exciting, in it's infancy and of unlimited potential. I was taken back when chosen for the sales management role and was pleased with the warm welcome by everyone. I am excited to lead a sales team of brokers and we all will work together to ensure the success of Joint Ventures. I consider myself very fortunate to be working with Rick and Danny and all of you. I feel that with our drive, passion, fearless leaders and some blood sweat and tears- we are going to set the standard here and bring domain leasing to the table for those who have been overlooking the benefits all this time and have been snoozing at the wheel. I also want to thank everyone for all the emails and invites to connect. I truly look forward to working with all of you and am going to put forth my best efforts to lead by example and take Joint Ventures to the pinnacle of the industry. Sales team- let's get ready for this draft, start building our strategy and approach and show Rick and Danny what we're made of. I'll be in touch tonight. To all of our success!! -Michael Hudak
Thank you everyone for the congratulations and kind thoughts and wishes. I've received a lot of emails today from everyone welcoming me and congratulating me. One of my favorite things about this industry is the comradery and that it is still in it's infancy and we are all part of something big. I'm excited to be a big part of the "something big" and that's Joint Ventures. I want to thank Rick and Danny for the opportunity to lead their sales team and be a part of their venture. We are going to set the gold standard in domain leasing. The end user is going to adapt(in fact- I think some names will attract a feeding frenzy once word gets out that their competition is shopping to lease out the category defining .com relative to their business), the domain owner is going to make a lot more money monthly in recurring revenue, the broker that brokers the deal will earn recurring revenue, everyone wins when its cash buyout time. The leasee is going to open their business up to a huge market of targeted customers and really distance themselves from the competition with a killer Joint Ventures domain name. Danny says it best, it's a WIN-WIN-WIN. Imagine Kay Jewelers, Zales, Helzberg, Jared, Whitman, Harry Winston, Tiffany not knowing what owning would be worth to their business. The affect it would have, the sales increase, the market outreach increase, the leaps and bounds it could propel them ahead their competitors....I don't care how big or successful they already are. Are they sleeping at the wheel? Someone is doing some snoozing. Here comes the wake up call. Myself and 11 others will be dialing soon to deliver the call. I'm excited to be a part of JV and want to thank everyone again for the emails and for reaching out. The more educated the corporation/end user is on the value of a good domain name, the more we all prosper. Joint Ventures will deliver that wake up call and we will all grow as an industry together. To the success of Joint Ventures! Best regards, Michael
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Mar 6, 2013