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Josee Dryer Hayes
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Yes, remove please so those of us who are "in the know" can still get a porter. LOL!
Wood's FB status yesterday:'s official the deal is done! With heavy hearts chad and i announce the sale of woody's. As the bitter and sweet emotions flow , we say thank you to all who have traveled this path with us ...after 1.3 million beers and 117,000# of mahi mahi we close this chapter in our lives. We wish Paul and Scott the best luck , and we share there guarentee that nothing will change !!! Please shake and Dan's hand a little firmer, they are the HEROS who will carry the load...... So i say THANK YOU to all what a great ride this has been!!! But most importantly ... if you ever" wore the shorts and made a bushwacker", or" fried chicken in the kitchen" i say I LOVE YOU ....fore "you" i will miss the most. ....Reno signing out ...
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Mar 8, 2013