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Shelly Mortensen
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Gelly Roll - I just can't get enough. I have this addiction to pens and markers... Thanks so much!
Toggle Commented Jun 4, 2015 on A Sakura Giveaway for You! at Balzer Designs
What appeals most to me is their size. So many stencils I come across are much too large for playing. These look really fun, portable, and unique!
I just love the colors on both sets! Sky's the Limit is my favorite of the two.
Like them both very much, yet Cambridge Court is my preference of the two. Just fabulous!
A trip to see Def Leppard play in Europe, preferably in the UK or Ireland. = )
I adore the handle die and am so glad I stumbled upon your company while browsing on eBay this evening. = )
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Mar 14, 2013