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Russian's take second trip to N pole in 2013, video of set sail in October on World's largest ice breaker to bring Olympic flame to N pole Still waiting for Walt Myer to respond to my may questions on Ice breaking ships on the Arctic Ice Cap. E-mail from yesterday. ********, Oct 23 14:31 (MDT): Hi Chris, The scientist I sent your question to was not working due to the government shutdown. I am sure he is just getting caught up on his emails. I will check in with him again. Regards, ******* __________________________________________________________________________________________ NSIDC User Services CIRES, 449 UCB University of Colorado Boulder, CO 80309-0449, USA Phone: +1 303-492-6199 Fax: +1 303-492-2468 Email: WWW URL: National Snow and Ice Data Center * Distributed Active Archive Center
Cherry picking Neven, good luck
Toggle Commented Mar 17, 2013 on Crack is bad for you (and sea ice) at Arctic Sea Ice
Thanks for answers to my question. I am NO AGW. You can see my post on twitter that I am no AGW @njsnowfan When I see something, I like to speek my mind not like many people in this world. Man reason why I was asking questions about the Russian meterorite is it was such a large explosion HIGH up in the atmosphere. Yes the explosion was many miles away from Alaska and Canada but the area on the N asia side of sea ice is all first year ice. That is where the wave COULD of started was my feeling.When you have a storm it will push on the ice in a small size area creating waves under the ice that will travel to the other side of the artic ocean. I noticed 5 days after the explosion the ice shifted a bunch and the area that was already weak and cracked went wild. My feeling was the explosion COULD of increased the cracking and I wanted to find out if it COULD be one of the reasons. I don't want the AGW blaming the severe cracking on their so called global warming if the explosion COULD of made waves under the artic ocean cracking the ice more. Thanks again, AKA the troll......
Toggle Commented Mar 17, 2013 on Crack is bad for you (and sea ice) at Arctic Sea Ice
Just found this new info... NASA Fireball Website Launches with New Russian Meteor Explosion Details by Leonard David,’s Space Insider Columnist Date: 14 March 2013 Time: 07:00 AM ET
Toggle Commented Mar 15, 2013 on Crack is bad for you (and sea ice) at Arctic Sea Ice
New to this blog and I have read some of the comments from this blog and the old one on the cracking of the sea ice but not all of them. Not sure if this has been mentioned or Could be a reason.. I feel the cracks started like they normaly do after a storm. Then the cracks went wild after the Meterorite Explosion over Russia on Feb 15 2013. That high alitude explosion sent a shock wave out in the Atmosphere. The shock wave was on the North Asia side of the sea ice. I feel the shock wave pushed down on the Ice like a vehicle driving on it. The waves under the ice crossed the artic sea reaching the Canada alaska side increasing the cracking weak zone. Anyone feel that could be one of the causes?? Thanks
Toggle Commented Mar 15, 2013 on Crack is bad for you (and sea ice) at Arctic Sea Ice
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Mar 15, 2013