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As a Christian and a liberal I find myself in a strange place when it comes to issue of same sex marriage. Unfortunately, my views on the issue have offended both Christians and liberals. As a Christian I believe sodomy is a sin (along with greed, fornication, reviling, dishonesty, etc.) As liberal I have no intention of using the government to force others to abide by my moral code. God knows, I have enough trouble living by my moral code without worrying about what others are doing. I would argue that Christians who resort to using the government as some kind of short cut to further their agenda lack in understanding of the religion they hold dear. Paul teaches that Christians are to hold each other accountable and not worry about what the secular world is doing. When we try to push our views on the secular world, we give people the idea that Christianity is about controlling others. I see it as a belief system one chooses voluntarily. For some who choose it, there are very difficult sacrifices to make. They deserve our support and compassion. History has shown that taking the short cut of government intervention in religious matters is bad for society and bad for the church. The two make better neighbors than partners.
"Family (mother) friendly policies" I love the point you make here. Many of the stereotypes of motherhood which work against females hurt men in non-traditional roles. The family court system has made great strides in eliminating gender bias, but there is still prejudice against fathers when it comes to small children.
Toggle Commented Mar 31, 2013 on Who Makes America? at Everyday Sociology Blog
Is there any hope for a future Sociologist driven by ideology and personal bias? Is it possible to observe injustice when what you really want to do is prevent it? Is it possible for someone from a unprivileged group to be taken serious when researching said group?
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Mar 31, 2013