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James Cormick
restaurant owner
Interests: food, architecture
Recent Activity
Congratulations on taking this wonderful exhibition to Delhi, and initiating a collaboration with the National Museum. I would be interested to see photos of some of the 77 new items you mentioned.
Congratulations to you all! Your blogs have been very informative and BEAUTIFUL to look at over the last year. It is a great pleasure to be able to SEE at close quarters all the art work you are talking about. My only surprise is that despite all the viewers there have been so few comments.
Frightfully mean of them to reward people for killing frogs, snakes, scorpions, and ants. I can sort of understand why snakes and scorpions might have been considered a menace (they bite or sting you), but frogs and ants? I hope modern Zoroastrians don't believe this too. - Not to mention the punishment meted out to wives who argue with their husbands!
I'm very much looking forward to the digitisation. Are the three (superb) illustrations you've shown in this blog all by Bihzad? And how many Bihzad illustrations are there altogether in the two manuscripts?
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Apr 20, 2013