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GM really, really needs to hire new designers.
The article says these new trucks are getting attention online. Sure they are. They're something new in the market, at least since this size truck was phased out. The question here is whether potential buyers will believe this generation of these trucks is really better than the previous generation. If they do, they'll buy. If they don't or are unsure, they'll wait and see how the first couple of years turn out. The other question is whether there really is sufficient market in this segment. There wasn't before, at least not for the quality level GM put into these trucks in the past. Maybe they're better this time. I will wait and see. But I don't have a need for this size truck so maybe it's irrelevant to me.
I'd like to see the Ford and GM J2807 numbers, which are typically smaller than those determined strictly by the manufacturers. Ram leadership based on just the numbers is probably larger than stated using the current methods to determine the numbers. For the past year or so Ram has been double digits in increased sales, far higher than the others. After owning a Ram for 7 years and 107,000 miles of traveling this country towing a large fifthwheel and then seeing the new Ram, it's easy to see why Ram is the leader.
Re the comment about the Chevy being at a slightly higher mph when it reached the top in a loaded condition.... When loaded our concern is how long it takes to get to the top, not how fast we are going when we get there. These are not race cars. They are loaded and most of us are safety conscious and will not be running much over the speed limit when loaded.
Re the comment suggesting all the trucks use the same tires. Not a good idea. I want to know how the truck performs as it comes off the showroom floor, which is the way I drive it. I don't run out and trade perfectly good new tires when I buy a new vehicle. Just isn't going to happen for the vast majority of buyers. Therefore it's best to test the trucks as we will drive them.
George_C, might I suggest you purchase and use a calculator? Here is your message followed by the correct numbers. Your post: "Amazing the "old" 6.0L is only 0.1 seconds behind the Ram in the loaded 1/4 mile despite such a disparity in horsepower, kudos to the engineers at GM. The Chevy only lost 1.7 seconds The Ford lost 3.0 seconds The Ram lost 2.3 seconds" In reality, The Chevy lost 1.85 seconds The Ford lost 1.95 seconds The Ram lost 1.31 seconds
All the numbers for all the brands are suspect until everyone uses J2807.
They should sell it with the camo on it or make that an option. It looks better than way than the previous model. Much better.
All this article shows is that the manufacturers' liability people force conservative numbers. When those numbers jeopardize sales they allow them to increase. You can bet they'll not increase to the point that warranty costs and/or safety issues (lawsuits) outweigh the sales increases. What we really need is everyone adhering to J2807. Now.
Toggle Commented Sep 27, 2012 on Ford Reclaims V-6 Towing Title at PickupTrucks: News
As a fulltime rv'er towing a very large fifthwheel I've towed with Ford, Chevy and, for the past five years, Ram with Cummins. All were decent but this Ram is by far the best. It's not the fastest to the next stoplight. It's not the fastest up the hill. But it's plenty good on both. Where it excels is 1) longevity/reliability, 2) low rpm - not screaming up the long hills like the V8's in Ford and Chevy, and 3) it runs cool compared to the other two. Both the lower rpm and the lower running temperatures contribute to longevity and reliability. What I don't like about my 2007 Ram is the interior is not as nice as the Ford and it doesn't have as many bells and whistles available, even though mine is the top of the line MegaCab Laramie. Now that Ram is catching up on the interior, maybe I need to consider trading. But my 2007 has only a bit over 90,000 miles so it's just getting broken in.
It's good to update the interior and perhaps exterior trim but they still need to fire the designers of that butt-ugly exterior. I want to be proud of what I drive and you'd never see me driving one of these on purpose.
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Sep 24, 2012