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Among the Texas Tech students helping record audio for our Lubbock days is Roxie Bustamante, who also recaps several sessions for us. Including this one: It's not a problem unique to journalism. But what are journalists doing to fulfil a vital need for diversity? Moderator Roger Witherspoon kicked off the session saying that environmental journalism is unique, because it encompasses all aspects of the news. The panelists tackled segregation's sources. Zoning committees can purposely place different races in different sections of the city, which affects housing, general health, and has a long-term economic impact. This type of segregation started generations... Continue reading
Among the Texas Tech students helping record audio for our Lubbock days is Roxie Bustamante, who also recaps several sessions for us. Including this one: Ken Rainwater gave a presentation titled Hydrology 101: Texas Style. He discussed topics such as the hydrologic cycle, hydo-illogic cycle, and surface water issues. Although the presentation contained data for Texas communities, Rainwater also discussed the issues in a broader sense. However, the main issue that was continuously debated was whether water should be a public or private right. Panel speaker David Sandino discussed his experience with water being a private right. He said generally... Continue reading
Photojournalist Dennis Dimick captured some great images from the oil and gas drilling tour around the Midland-Odessa area. His great work’s on flickr. Continue reading
Among the Texas Tech students helping record audio for our Lubbock days is Roxie Bustamante, who also recaps several sessions for us. Including this one: Do you have the courage to present your story in front of a panel of experienced editors? During this session, freelancers had one minute to effectively pitch their idea for a story. The panel included editors and reports looking for a pitch that would fit within their company's scope. If the story idea was not something his or her company was looking for, the panel speaker would give advise on how the freelancer can mold... Continue reading
Journalists are a little obsessed with asking about extremes. The driest day in history, the most rainfall in Pennsylvania, the highest temperature in Laredo. National Weather Service meteorologist Steven Cobb and Texas Tech grad student (in the Atmospheric Sciences Department) Jennifer Daniel gave a hands-on breakfast briefing to a couple of dozen reporters Saturday morning. Cobb showed reporters how to find context for reporting on extreme weather events: "how abnormal is it, where does it stand within the record of the community you're reporting for." That meant a lot of playing around with the National Climate Data Center and the... Continue reading
Gloria Ogletree is a Texas Tech student who is "destined for great achievements." What follows is her recap of a session she recorded for SEJ. Money as a Sustainable Fuel: Driving Politics and Environmental Policy, a Friday session at the Society of Environmental Journalists conference heated up when the topic of climate control was introduced. The subject was a debate over how to characterize California’s political outlook as far as climate change goes. Panel speaker Frank Maisano, senior principal at Bracewell & Guiliani, said he believes the reason for why people can not get the climate control issue moving can... Continue reading
Here's a great summary of a Friday network lunch from Nadia White, an assistant professor at the University of Montana School of Journalism, and a paddling bad-ass. Barry Lopez made several trips to the Arctic that informed his classic Arctic Dreams. Greg Mortenson returned to Pakistan many times before co-writing Three Cups of Tea. How best can reporters be clear that they are folding a variety of excursions in one place into a single narrative? SEJ members who overflowed a network lunch table on the topic, Facts Gone Wild: Applying Journalistic Ethics to Outdoor Writing, opposed passing many trips off... Continue reading
Great to have reports from members, non-members, and anybody else is participating in this conference! Here's a submission from Peyton Fleming, strategic communications director at Ceres. It's a nonprofit group mobilizing business leadership to build a sustainable global economy. Ceres' water program manager Sharlene Leurig is speaking at Friday's 11 am water session, "Squeezing Blood from a Desert: Western Water Management." I'm on a bus driving across West Texas and all appears well. Miles and miles of white-speckled cotton fields lines both sides of the road. Splotches of green grassland are a welcome sign from last year's devastating drought. Dozens... Continue reading
Francesca Lyman will be moderating a panel this afternoon at 2 PM. On Wednesday, she was one of many freelancers receiving wisdom from Emily Gertz and Thomas Hayden. Here's an image she made while thinking about the social media fishbowl in which journalists try to live and thrive. A speaker's comments about balancing the responsibilities of his day job with opportunities for outside work prompted this work. And, apparently Thomas Hayden tweeted the entire time while he and Emily were talking and still made a great impression. Quality artwork and for that matter music, sculpture, and dance are welcome anytime... Continue reading
Dear esteemed experts, journalists, thinkers and talkers: Perhaps you just got here yesterday; perhaps you enjoyed a lengthy day at the numerous tours SEJ set up. Either way, you weren’t in the room when KPFA’s Brian Edwards-Tiekert delivered the best advice I’ve heard about journalism in a while. “Confidence. This is the best lesson of journalism. All you need is confidence!” Brian was talking to Texas Tech students who will be recording each and every one of the panels and sessions (along with Brian and other nimble radio folk). They’ll be shuttling sound back and forth between ballrooms and SEJ’s... Continue reading
[View the story "Free review of Wednesday's freelancing session" on Storify] Continue reading
You get to Lubbock. You run into a long-lost colleague in the hallway. She says, "hey, are you going to watch that Ken Burns thing on Friday?" You have no idea what she's talking about. SEJ has you covered, obviously. Ken Burns made a movie about what his promotional materials call "the worst man made ecological disaster in American history, in which the frenzied wheat boom of the 'Great Plow-Up,' followed by a decade-long drought during the 1930s nearly swept away the breadbasket of the nation." Friday night, SEJ's got dinner and a movie (well, part of one, anyway), where... Continue reading
So maybe you signed up to come to Lubbock, but did you know that awesome things are happening around the edges of the conference itself? Wednesday there's an all-day workshop on "The Craft and Commerce of Successful Freelancing," that looks super practical and detailed about the bunch of stuff you actually need to get going and keep going as a freelancer. That means developing your business strategy, how to pitch and network, a legal briefing on contract and copyright issues (invaluable!), and even evaluating your sample pitches. I was going to make a joke about how I'm going to file... Continue reading
In just under a week, we’ll be in Lubbock! The onetime “hub of the Plains” will be the hub for people who write and think about environmental news and issues in the US and around the world! Getting excited? Hit up SEJ’s Facebook page and let people know you’re coming. Bookmark so it’s handy. Check the hours on the Buddy Holly Museum so you can squeeze in a visit between top issues and the bottom line on what you need to know. (Is that last one just me? I don’t think so.) If you haven’t registered yet, you still... Continue reading
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Oct 12, 2012