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"In this area of the Kara Sea's 1981-2010 annual average anomaly than 7 degrees!" In addition. Probably this is the largest local annual temperature anomaly in the world. The previous record: "Основные погодно-климатические особенности 2010-го года в северном полушарии. Впервые на полушарии аномалии среднегодовой температуры воздуха достигли +5º и более. Это произошло на северо-востоке Канады в районе полуострова Лабрадор и острова Баффинова Земля." English: "Basic weather and climatic features of 2010 in the Northern Hemisphere. For the first time in the hemisphere mean annual air temperature anomalies reached +5 º or more. This occurred in the north-east of Canada in Labrador and Baffin Island."
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Kris, another amazing grafik. The average annual temperature on the island of visa for the period (November-October). The period November 2011 - October 2012 warmer than the previous record by 4 degrees! In this area of the Kara Sea's 1981-2010 annual average anomaly than 7 degrees!
"So, Kara Sea again... ttp:// Posted by: Piotr Djaków | November 09, 2012 at 22:07" Yes, the island Wiese is possible the most amazing place on Earth. With 60 years of observations on the island were record warm the following months: December 2011 (excess of 1.9 degrees record in 1966) January 2012 (excess of 1.9 degrees record in 2006) February 2012 (excess of 2.4 degrees record in 1956) March 2012 (excess of 3.5 degrees record in 2011) July 2012 (excess of 0.8 degrees record in 1961) August 2012 (excess of 0.5 degrees record in 2008) September 2012 (excess of 1.4 degrees record in 2008) October 2012 (repetition record in 2009) And in November 2012 is also a very high probability of a new monthly record! Overall in the last 12 months, 8-9 months were record warm!