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Forecast with a short time frame is difficult. I'm sure not what Rick is seeing on the horizon. As the debt-ridden world has not started paying down the debts, collapse is possible. When it comes to investment, the late John Templeton's advice is what we should always remember: buy at the maximum pessimism. Rick is right. There will be good bargains to pick up when panic comes.
He's an icon. His book "See You at the Top" has been popular for many years.
Type-in will disappear, but... voice-in will be in fashion, as consumers learn to speak directly into their cell phone and navigate to their desired destination. Consumers want shortcut to their destination, and voice-in is the best short-cut, imho.
Happy Thanksgiving, and thanks for putting up this list of RDNH. It will serve as a deterrent to potential offenders.
I like the idea of creating passive income from domain investment. It's very similar to other form of investments. Look at Warren Buffett. His whole life is about buying income-producing investments at bargain prices. I wish you great success, Rick.
I agree investing in a leased domain is quite risky because you don't own it. However, if the leased domain does provide desirable traffic, how about paying purely for the traffic? In other words, just redirect visitors of the leased domain to an appropriate page on your own website. For example, say you are selling shoes. Lease and redirect its visitors to your shoe website. Just pay a lease price appropriate to the sale you can close from this traffic. Zero site development on leased domain.
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Nov 20, 2012