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I think it might help if the experts quit standing behind their models to the exclusion of contributing their functioning brainpower. The economy affects more than just the intellectuals.
Toggle Commented Dec 3, 2013 on One Model to Rule Them All? at Economist's View
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Looks like Boehner pulled it off (or someone did).
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Give it the good fight. This old lady conformed years ago.
Toggle Commented Jan 2, 2013 on Data Are or Data Is? at Economist's View
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You are aware that Prof. deLong is highly enough respected as an independent economist and thinker that he doesn't need to follow anyone else's opinion, especially those of lesser caliber than himself.
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Usually, when your question is asked it is quickly dismissed with the talking point "Social Security was never meant to be the only source of retirement income." Of course it doesn't address the reality of your question.
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Everyone uses a one time example. It seems to me that the effect on SS benefits is cumulative (based on last year's SS) but the computation of the CPI reduction (based on this year's comparison) for the chained CPI is not. What happens when there are no more choices of cheaper?
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Dec 7, 2012