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Even when the water is murky and the fish are harder to see, we can often come across a beautiful Blue Groper at The Bower or around clearer parts of the bay! A cold morning today but calm water and lots of happy swimmers high on endorphins! I took this... Continue reading
Posted Nov 4, 2019 at Pacific Jules
Well it was Izzy's birthday today and the water warmed up to 19 degrees as a b'day treat. Photo above from last year as I missed Izzy in the water this morning but hear she did get in! Stunning sunrise above Shelly Beach at 6.03am and the air temp had... Continue reading
Posted Oct 22, 2019 at Pacific Jules
A bit dull and dreary at 6.30am this morning... Air temp had gone down, water temp down to 17.0 and water murky. Somebody described it as like swimming in a river! I was wondering how I was going to get inspiration for my blog when I entered the ladies toilets... Continue reading
Posted Oct 8, 2019 at Pacific Jules
Trevor the Turtle wasn't to be seen today unfortunately nor the Grey Nurse, but we did get lots of sightings at the weekend so there's a good chance they're still around! It was a beautiful swim though. The sun was up, water calm and quite clear... and lots of grinning... Continue reading
Posted Sep 24, 2019 at Pacific Jules
Well there was only one gorgeous Green Turtle this morning but as usual lots of legends! Inspiring people like Pierre Lord who has just come back from swimming from Ireland to Scotland and Emily Kempson, Australia's Ultraman Female champion who talked to us last night about her incredible achievement at... Continue reading
Posted Sep 10, 2019 at Pacific Jules
I was stuck for a blog title today so have named it after the stumpy tailed Ray and Grey Nurse Shark that have made Cabbage Tree Bay their home the last few weeks! Excitement at the swim this week with the presence of not one but at least 2 Grey... Continue reading
Posted Aug 27, 2019 at Pacific Jules
Hi Guys, lovely to be back swimming with you after a 7 week holiday in Europe! I had so many hugs and welcomes last week it reminded me again what an amazing B&B community we have here. Thank you! Just a quickie blog today though as I have teaching. I... Continue reading
Posted Aug 13, 2019 at Pacific Jules
Lovely of you to blog today Elizabeth as Murray couldn't do it. You are so generous with your time and always do a great job. Thank you!
Toggle Commented Aug 13, 2019 on Winter Wetsuit Wonderland at Pacific Jules
A gloomy day and I'm off to work so a lot of this blog was pre-loaded and is about Cuttlefish! It was a few swimmers birthdays though. Four regular swimmers, Fiona McTackett, Clare Martin, Heather Washington and John Lehman celebrate their b'days today! The photo above is of 2 Cuttlefish... Continue reading
Posted Jun 4, 2019 at Pacific Jules
Thanks for blogging Ali and good luck in London. You actually make the swim sound enticing today. I stayed in bed today, very unusual for me but I'll be down tomorrow to run, swim and blog!
Toggle Commented Jun 4, 2019 on 4/6/19 Tuesday - A Tuesday Change at Pacific Jules
In a newspaper article recently our swim was referred to as 'The Rock Star of Ocean Swims'... Whatever that means we know our swim is pretty special...Today there was a smoke haze from burn off but it made for a spectacular sky to swim under (and the smoky smell did... Continue reading
Posted May 21, 2019 at Pacific Jules
Stunning morning down in our little corner today with air temp around 15 but 20.7 degrees in the water! I spotted this Sergeant Baker today showing this long, feathery strand at the end of his dorsal fin. Always something different and exciting to see below and above the water with... Continue reading
Posted May 8, 2019 at Pacific Jules
Nice blog Ali! We never regret a swim!
You captured the morning beautifully Dea. What a stunning morning it was and Cabbage Tree Bay turned on it's magnificence withswimmers stopping to marvel at Duskies, Rays, Cuttlefish etc. Thanks Di S for pointing out the Numbray swimming gracefully in the shallows of Shelly Beach too!
Toggle Commented Apr 25, 2019 on 25/04/2019 Lest We Forget at Pacific Jules
Lainey here publishing for Deaanna Waters. Today Australians and New Zealanders remember those who have served for their country and the Gallipoli landings as we celebrate Anzac Day. For many the day started before dawn with the service, for those that made the effort the sunrise was spectacular. More than... Continue reading
Posted Apr 24, 2019 at Pacific Jules
There's so much more to this swim than the swim! Today we had loads of sharks hanging around... the toilet block of all places! Post-swim we had lady swimmers asking Merrilee to 'bring them some weed down to the swim tomorrow' (Milkweed) and Greg cavorting around in womens dresses! And... Continue reading
Posted Apr 23, 2019 at Pacific Jules
Brilliant. So clever. Well done Jac!!!
Lots of Duskies again today filling swimmers with awe as they came out of the 21 degree ocean... Fiona T reported seeing around 15! After Dr Amy's shark talk last night we should be feeling a lot more confident about sharing the water with these creatures. She was specifically talking... Continue reading
Posted Apr 9, 2019 at Pacific Jules
Thanks for the blog title today Cherie Humel! There were so many schools of smaller fish of Mados, Silver Sweep, Yellowtail and Hulafish. They seem to swim closer to the water surface when sharks are about... and there are! The Dusky Whalers are still swimming gracefully around the bay, which... Continue reading
Posted Mar 26, 2019 at Pacific Jules
You still managed to pull off a lovely blog despite camera difficulties!
A lot of our friends may be away on holidays but us lucky swimmers who've stayed around Manly, have been swimming with sharks for a week! Such a privilege to share the ocean with these graceful creatures each morning. Elated swimmers have reported seeing up to 12 or more of... Continue reading
Posted Mar 12, 2019 at Pacific Jules
Lovely blog Ali and thanks for mentioning me in the same sentence as DA haha! Great wobbie photo and love the one of you all at Shelly!
What a wonderful swim it was today and... so exciting to see a fever of Cow Nose Rays back in the bay again! They've been visiting us for the last 3 or 4 years and they're an amazing sight as around 30 of them swim in formation! As well as... Continue reading
Posted Feb 26, 2019 at Pacific Jules
A masterpiece of a blog! Thank you Michael. I attended the Dumb line meeting yesterday and it really does sound such an incredible waste of money. We don't have dangerous sharks in CTB but these baited lines could bring them in. We know other marine life will be harmed in this costly, futile experiment and so it could have a real impact on our marine reserve. Please email au to give feedback.
Beautiful photography again Andrew and yes love the photo of you and Sheena. By the way folks I must recommend Andrew as an amazing 'light touch' chiropractor. He's in Collaroy and looks after the B&B swimmers. He helped my aching and arthritis ridden joints and muscles recently! You can find him at
Toggle Commented Feb 18, 2019 on 18/02/19 - Returning Back To at Pacific Jules