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Andres Orozco
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As the innovation of technology rapidly increases, the use of the internet has become more practical. For example the internet has helped students towards achieving a degree. Similarly, the massive online course called, “MOOCs” will generate the growth of a great business, by starting their own universities. This will enable them to acquire highly skilled employees. For-profit Universities they will have more options in their classes, as well as be able to admit more students. Even though colleges would have to hire more personals to handle the online courses, many more students would be willing to acquire a degree. Young adults that do not have money or are not able to go to college because of where they live would have a better opportunity and chance to do so. This will enable the country to benefit economically and technologically by more money being invested into education. In addition, more skilled citizens will be able to develop new technology, by innovating the country to a superior and more advance nation.
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Dec 10, 2012