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Simon Cowell
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Mauricio’s close encounters. “Rio” no, Nth Steyne. Finals today & Tuesday. Stay safe, enjoy Simon B&B monthly dinner – Tuesday 10th May 2022 The speaker at our next monthly dinner, to be held on Tuesday May 10th at Bluewater Café at 6.30 pm, will be one of our swimmers, Ranya... Continue reading
Posted 2 days ago at Pacific Jules
Trooper said, “ The clock is wrong” Good morning Kara. Lots of sand. Short blog today. Take care, enjoy Simon Continue reading
Posted May 8, 2022 at Pacific Jules
5:52am Guy’s temperature was up. At 6am I was lucky enough to swim with Sharna, Danny, Roberto, Tom, Trish, Jo & Sam. T’was a long way to get past the back line of breakers. We then headed north to the trident to watch the sunrise. Drinks Expressers said the water... Continue reading
Posted Apr 10, 2022 at Pacific Jules
Colour at 6:23am, forty two minutes before dawn. A warm 22.6 degrees. 25 drinks express swimmers, led by Capless Dave, bunched together in the dark. On the return trip I keep in Trooper Simons bubbles through a legion of Jellyfish until he accelerated to get into Murray’s bubbles. Then I... Continue reading
Posted Mar 27, 2022 at Pacific Jules
Bootycamp got wet but also took time to collect rubbish. The Doctor said , “the water turned my white swimmers brown”. The Trooper said the water at Shelly was NOT clear. Linda has suspended her ocean Goodswim school until further notice. Shaun Veena & Martin took the coffee option. I... Continue reading
Posted Mar 13, 2022 at Pacific Jules
Happy 80th Bruce. You wisely chose coffee over a swim. My Viber message 6:22am Illuminated temperature, thanks Guy. Lots of discussion - Capless opts to swim, Mark says waves 6:30 - I joined Simon & 17 Drinks Expressers I swam wide from Shelly to catch a wave with Trish &... Continue reading
Posted Feb 27, 2022 at Pacific Jules
5:29am (1 hour before sunrise) Red sky at morning shepherds warning…… Does anyone know why the sky was red? The Trooper said it’s 6:30. Lucy Rusty Management welcoming new bees. Colour And that’s what I saw today Stay safe and enjoy….. Simon (Shelly - My dad, David’s last swim with... Continue reading
Posted Feb 13, 2022 at Pacific Jules
Happy 87th Wilf. HB Suzie. The Pirate said “it was this big “. Up went the signs. Out went the JetSki . I said hi to Guy@5:30. Then I swam with theses guys. Congratulations to all the B&Bers who competed in the BIG swim (2.8kms Palm To Whale beach). They... Continue reading
Posted Jan 30, 2022 at Pacific Jules
Nice First blog Scott. Thanks for joining the blogger team to share today’s B&B adventures. Love the picture of legend Guy’s temperature art work.
Sisters 5:49 sunrise We run Manly. Greg did not want his photo taken Clair Congratulating Jane who came third in Yesterdays Avalon 2K swim. Murray Gun swimmer. Trish & John “the” body surfing couple. No bluebottles today The four lifeguard shot. Legends Have fun and stay safe Have fun and... Continue reading
Posted Jan 2, 2022 at Pacific Jules
Today is the 13th anniversary of the bold and beautiful swim squad. Shaun conducted the happy birthday splash. Sarah@5:36am Love the black enhanced 23.5 degrees. Note the new pot plant. The water was even warmer at Shelly. Neil@5:39am. 3 wise men John & his drinks express fan club. Have a... Continue reading
Posted Dec 26, 2021 at Pacific Jules
Guy with light & thermometer@5:18am. Longest day of the year is tomorrow. Hasko Patrick & Kenny@5:38. Jane Jo & Danny@5:41am. Boys@6:30am. Lucy’s Brad (gun swimmer)@6:32am. Fiona & Sophie (neighbours & swim buddies). Derek with board. New swimmers can now be greeted & registered by Ann as well as Ian and... Continue reading
Posted Dec 19, 2021 at Pacific Jules
This morning I left Manly at 6:45 am and drove to Canberra to see our son Adam and granddaughter Matilda. So it’s a remote blog from me. BNB swimmers and readers of the blog are an international bunch. I was fortunate enough to spend a year living in New York... Continue reading
Posted Dec 12, 2021 at Pacific Jules
Elsa Fran - a little frozen@17.2 degrees. Sarge & Jim. Great hair Ryan & Hannah. Love the orange toe nails Jody. Barry & Husky October bootie birthday girls. Sam & Jody. 6:30 speedsters swam to Shelly & the pipe. Welcome back Derek. Tony still has his Lockdown hair. Stay safe... Continue reading
Posted Oct 17, 2021 at Pacific Jules
Clouds before sunrise. Have you ever seen this? Pirate & Suzie Unusually Drinks swam with the Express on a Monday public holiday. My buddies posed in front of Guy’s art. This shot makes me think of underwater & one of our favourite swimmers. Kendelle has been very busy over the... Continue reading
Posted Oct 3, 2021 at Pacific Jules
5:22am Trish & Ali@5:30 5:48 Sunrise - thanks Greg. Malibu. Corso. Coffee after Coach Brett’s session: Warmup Ramp to Corso 6x50 stroke sprints to Trident Return sprints - 60, 70, 80, 90, 100 ramp Pull it up. Happy birthday Liza Alex & mum Heather Harry loves Ivy Enjoy stay safe... Continue reading
Posted Sep 19, 2021 at Pacific Jules
5:55am Someone said there may be Jimbles in the bay so I swim north with these guys. The water at sunrise was golden velvet. We caught several fantastic waves at North Steyne. Then did 100 stroke sprints from the Corso to the pyramid steps finishing with two waves into the... Continue reading
Posted Sep 5, 2021 at Pacific Jules
Mauricio’s shark Day 1 Outdoor masking. Motheroffivesons Duncan Brad, “please say Hi to Lucy”. Mary swam early. In the coffee queue. Aubergine Lyndall On your bike Incognito Fifi’s Jelly’s. Sam & I caught waves opposite the pyramid steps after swimming @6am through the chop to the Trident. Water temp was... Continue reading
Posted Aug 22, 2021 at Pacific Jules
6:04am. 5km rule for all of Greater Sydney In Greater Sydney and other lockdown areas, the 10km rule will be cut to 5km from 12.01am Monday, August 16, with shopping, exercise and outdoor recreation to be done in a person’s local government area (LGA) or, if outside their LGA, within... Continue reading
Posted Aug 15, 2021 at Pacific Jules
4 x Gold Emma masked up. Masked up sun. I swam @6:10am with Sam, Trish & Tom. We swam return to the Trident. No cuttlefish but we got to catch TEN WAVES - I’ll take that for awe & adrenaline any day. Mark masked up. Guess who else Masked Up.... Continue reading
Posted Aug 8, 2021 at Pacific Jules
Boys in blue arrived @7:15am. 6:10 am moon from the point. I swam 2+2 with Tom, Sam and Carel. Jo swam with the Pirate. John St & Lyndall. 7:19am. 7:23am I went home. Stay safe, swim, mask up and go home. Simon Continue reading
Posted Jul 25, 2021 at Pacific Jules
Oops ….I saw quite a few people walking to Fairy Bower or Shelly…. On 12 Jul 2021, at 9:59 am, Simon Cowell wrote: Hi Pauline Some big sets but less rough than yesterday. I saw quite a few people working to h Fairy Bower or Shelly.
Hi Pauline Some big sets but less rough than yesterday. I saw quite a few people working to h Fairy Bower or Shelly.
BOLD & BEAUTIFUL IS NOT CURRENTLY RUNNING DUE TO THE RISKS OF CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19). Thank you for following public health advice including physical distancing and outdoor exercising limits (currently 2 people at a time, within your LGA or within 10kms of your home- Service NSW have a travel calculator on... Continue reading
Posted Jul 11, 2021 at Pacific Jules
Future Queen@Manly Past Queen Happy O birthday Queen Midge White Queens Attracta & Izzy Queens Susie & Meg Danny Roberto & I swam with Queen Jane. I met Queen Barb’s fella. Birthday Queens Dave flanked by Queen’s Mel and Trish Speedster Queen Trish can give Simon and Matt a swim... Continue reading
Posted Jun 13, 2021 at Pacific Jules