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This discussion has gotten me thinking about the political dimensions of robots. Here's my stab at a model. Suppose we have two types of people, owners and workers. The overall production function might look like this: C + T + (P + D)/a + R + S = K + L C is owners' share of consumption goods. T is consumption goods transferred to the workers by the owners. P is the production of new robots used to make consumer goods. D is the production of new robots (drones) used for counter-insurgency. R is the workers' level of insurgency. S is the workers' leisure. K is production robots. L is labor. Owners choose T, P, and D to maximize C while minimizing R, subject to constraints on K + L. Workers choose R, S, and L to maximize T and S while minimizing D, subject to constraints on R + S + L. I have no clue what the equilibrium looks like. The important thing to note is that the utility of each type depends on decisions made by the other type.
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Dec 23, 2012