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Philippe-André Boileau
Recent Activity "Netanyahou, president of the US right wing? 20 years ago, a republican presidential candidate compared the US congress to an Israeli occupied territory. In 2015 it is unimaginable that a republican leader would express himself with such perfidy. Mr. Benyamin Netanyahou & his ideas prevail without efforts or resistance in this US assembly. They meet with more resistance at the Knesset..." Le Monde Diplomatique is not a satirical newspaper. One can spend 12 hours just reading & understanding one edition. It is a serious french paper.
Feedback & arguments that I got today regarding Syria: 1- the US interest is not to intervene in a decisive manner against ISIS. ISIS controlling a lot of the petrol production & selling it at deep discount, 15-20$ a barrel, to US & turkish interest in Turkey. In return, they either get weapons directly, thereby generating more profits for many US interest, or money to buy these weapons from other US interest. In military retaliation to ISIS, other US interests make money. The longer it lasts the more these interests will make money. 2-When the kurdish oil fields were targeted by ISIS the US intervened decisively because of Israeli investments in them. Of course, that would imply that the US is pursuing a strategy tagged to the interest of another nation rather than to its own. It makes no sense. So forget this one. 3-The christians in Irak are gone with less than 60K. Syria went from a christian majority in the 1800s up to the 1860 war to about 5% of the population now. Hassake, just a few decades ago held by a christian majority, is now totally encircled by ISIS. Even very wealthy christians with millions of dollars worth of property are leaving it behind. There would be about only 26K left in there. 4-ISIS is currently targeting minorities such as Yazidis(Head-cutting halal style or not, etc.) Next on their agenda will be shias and then they can start killing each other like they do so happily in Libya. This regional instability is seen to be in the interest of Israel who would not want a strong neighbor such as one with a strong christian minority!?! This is obviously anti-semitic thinking. 5- Some christian communities are allowed to stay provided they pay the 13 grams of gold a month which is really affordable.
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Dec 29, 2012