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McMaster is a Warrior and better yet a winner. [pl knows this BTW-this for audience]. We don't know McMaster is gone. May be a whispering campaign. Kelly made a point of defending him to the press off record intended to be on the record. We don't know and never know with Trump until he makes his move and that's Trump his entire life. We don't know Mattis is gone either. IMHO the real Mattis is perhaps a warrior but he's not a winner. IMO not so humble bowing to PC on the Haditha witch hunt taints Mattis in my eyes, I may be wrong. In any case The President has the right and the duty to fire people who don't or can't carry out his instructions. If, IF any of this is true. Trump has a public personae which includes "You're Fired" that he's worked on since the 1970s. The Apprentice of course was his vehicle for becoming a Household name same as Reagan's was GE Theater. Different times call for different styles. Trump is there to Drain The Swamp and that means people are going to get fired. He's actually delivering on what he promised. He was not elected by DC or the political class but in spite of their best efforts and ongoing farcical coup attempts. > I did not say McMaster was part of the Political Class or part of any of these plots, he isn't. I said Trump fires people. < This President was elected to MAGA, Drain the Swamp and Build the Wall over all the plots and schemes and machinations of The Political Class and he's delivering on 2/3 of those promises so far - and I wouldn't be surprised if one day resistance collapses and we get a wall. No job security anywhere anymore, everyone gets fired and has to go on the job hunt. Pace pl, McMaster and Kelly, Mattis et al.
Then go and live those countries and be gone from ours. Other countries that apply Tariffs, that protect their own nations. Countries who's elites understand they must protect their own people from foreigners or be seen as traitors and overthrown - then thrown over lampposts. Here is the Truth of you Internationally Competitive types: you have nothing to offer the world but betrayal of your own. We've had enough. As for Trade we must reciprocate the practices of others or be taken advantage of and seen as weak - and it was the Truth. No longer. Go. Be the White Dwarf in Emperor Xi's court.
"Democrats appear to want to make physicians slaves of the state." Democrats want to make everyone slaves of the State. In practice Democrat = Communist. This was not always so, but it is now.
Oh my Dear Sir. You have completely missed who Smaug is in this instance...and mistaken the Dragon himself as the professed bringer of plenty. In short the very Central Bank and it's combustible paper.
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Dec 30, 2012