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hi Christine, i have plenty of those chickens,i'd give you some if i could,but thanks to the rank stupidity at Zynga,they are of no use anyway,they used to be good for their xp,but not anymore,so they are of no use whatsover.
Zynga,i bought with my money animals that are no longer giving out what they were when i purchased them.I want a refund of all the farmbucks that i spent on animals that were giving out 150 xp.I didn't buy an animal that gave out 25 or 30. I cannot wait for this game to collapse,& it will.The idiotic,nonsensical changes you keep making to try to please people is only turning more & more people off the game.It is obvious you are only interested in the mobile version,& not the pc version,as you have completely ruined the pc version. You never,ever learn Zynga,& every day i see less people playing,more neighbours quitting because of your stupid changes. I can see the day when there will be under 100k playing,you've already shed over half on the pc version,& you still persist in making the game more annoying.Well done
Zynga fix the avatar stupidity.the avatar is standing next to,for eg,a chicken.i click on the chicken to feed it,& the avatar runs around for 30 seconds before deciding to come back & feed it. i did manage to lose the legend status last week,as i'm at the end of my patience with this garbage. When are you going to scrap the fair Zynga?get rid of that,& you'll see the players come back
Dear Zynga As as a player who has been playing this since very close to its inception,i have decided to call it a day,& quit. You keep changing the game to suit a minority of players,which means you lose the long term players as we don't like what you are doing to it. The decreasing player numbers tell the story there. I have been a fair legend for 32 or 33 weeks,don't you think WE ARE SICK OF IT ALREADY? Enough with the stupid fair already. Now the game has slowed to the point where it takes too long to do anything,& the idiotic sweetheart is slowing it even more. Well done Zynga,i am sure you are proud of your efforts to drive people away from your game,& your company also.
that pretty well sums up myself also. Most of my neighbours have quit due to the bugs,lag,xp,never ending fair,& other such nonsense. I spend as little time as possible on there now,the sweetheart,fair & xp are my main annoyances. I do like the fishing though,no stress,no competition,just easy fun,so kudos to you Zynga for finally adding something FUN,& not competitive
i think it's too late for that.Most people i know,who have been playing since it started,left because of the sweetheart,the xp screw up,& other unwanted garbage like the fair. I just got the sweetheart & hate it. This game isn't about romance,it's for farming.I'll be leaving soon too. Zynga has wrecked the game so much,it's nothing like it was when it started. If you cannot make enough money to get expansions,then that is your problem,it is very easy to make money,so look at what you are making. Zynga HAD a lot of happy players,all they have now is people who want the game changed,which has made a lot of people leave.This game is dying,that's obvious.Maybe they want mobile version only.
im with you Jackie,i have over 800 zfriends,& probably 1/4 now play,the majority having left since the xp debacle. I suspect Zynga is trying to kill off the pc version of the game,& have it mobile only. What possible justification is there to nerf the xp?People whinging about the xp of prized animals? Zynga cannot legally change the behaviour of any farmbuck animal,so all the old animals we have still give 150xp.So the whingers have accomplished nothing,but wreck the game,cost Zynga a lot of money in lost players & farmbuck purchases,as clearly the whingers weren't buying any FB animals. From a game play perspective,it's been a disaster,all the good people quit,& most of my neighbours are low level casuals,who won't give Zynga a dollar. What a farce,& shows how shallow minded Zynga are at thinking long term.This is the first & only Zynga game i play,& i'll never touch anything else they do,if this is how they wreck things
After reading Adrians suggestions,i can see why the game is falling over,& Zynga continually lose long term players. Why should FB buying farmers be punished?I don't buy them anymore,since Zynga decided to nerf the xp for prized animals,there is no longer any incentive to buy any. he wants the post & ask tabs removed,that is just plain stupid,just because he hasn't many playing friends,doesn't mean others should be punished for having them Having seen Zynga's reactions to various suggestions in the past,all of which has sent the game backwards,i can see why Zynga is hell bent on seeing the game collapse. Long term players are leaving in huge numbers,no incentive to buy any farmbuck animals. Screw the xp & gameplay to totally destroy the game. Any more cock ups Zynga,& i'm done.I've seen lots & lots of my neighbours leave,& since you nerfed the xp,the desertion rate has accelerated.That was by far the biggest mistake you ever made. Clowns
the real issue is Zynga,is why do you change the game to suit a specific group of people,you get a dozen whingers on here,so you change it. those people stop playing,so you change it again to suit the next whinging group. & so on & so you have zero happy players,& the game falls over,no wonder you're losing money,& i hope fv2 dies as well,put all of the fools who wrecked the game out of a job
Not only that,but due to your stupidity,i am watching people who have been playing far less time than i,go whizzing past me because they obviously have a different level up points system. why don't you make the game the same for everyone,instead of having a dozen different ones,you stupid clowns.i've been playing since it started,but enough is enough,your behaviour has driven me away.
please explain yourself Zynga.You decimate the xp we get from prized crops etc,yet i still need 400k plus to level up.I've had a gutful of you screwing this game up so much that it's becoming unplayable.You cannot leave anything alone,you meddle constantly,& all it does it ruin the gameplay.No wonder people are leaving in droves,you are so incompetent & unbelievably blind as to what the players want
they might be improvements in your opinion Adrian,but not in everyone's opinion. Since this game started,there hasn't been any improvements,with the exception of the prized animal shelters. the game lags badly,Zynga keep introducing nonsensical garbage like the spouse,which thankfully i don't have. even going back to when they introduced beehives,& the fert bin,there hasn't been anything good introduced.The entire game is an epic failure,considering it's potential,then destruction by Zynga
it doesn't show a lot of intelligence on Zyngas behalf, i bought the Farmbuck animals because they gave high xp in their shelters. Now they don't give it,so why buy the farmbuck animals? you aren't doing yourself any favours Zynga.ive been playing this since it started,& you just keep going backwards,NO wonder 90% of my neighbours have quit,you've stuffed this game completely
provide a link so people can add you,if they wish to
Toggle Commented Aug 2, 2014 on It's Add Me Friday! at FarmVille 2
if ZYnga start knocking off the prized animals,i'm done with this game. i have been playing from go,& don't wish to lose the cool animals like the witch bunny. not on ZYnga,if this is what is happening
agreed,44 times,which is what i have,is too time consuming,those with the shorter feeds get more cows as well. it is typical Zynga though
Toggle Commented May 18, 2014 on Win BIG with the new Donkey Derby! at FarmVille 2
the bison,i have the albino one from before,& i'll buy this one,i love the bison
Also zynga,the farmbucks need a huge reduction in price,say $5 for 100 FB,that's more like it. Can we have more kiln variety,like this week but on a much more regular basis? love the kiln. keep up the good work
Toggle Commented Sep 12, 2013 on Commenter of the Week Winner - 9/4/13 at FarmVille 2
Zynga, it's time for the fair to go. what sort of fair runs for months,& penalizes people who don't go. it is a game,not a lifestyle. PLEASE get rid of it,it becoming very tedious
Toggle Commented Sep 12, 2013 on Commenter of the Week Winner - 9/4/13 at FarmVille 2
what would you like? 100,000 coins for an expansion????? i have made 700,000 coins out of the wasabi egg salad in 4 days,& that's just that recipe,let alone all the other crafts i have made. Zynga make it very easy to make coin,if people understood how to craft efficiently,then the money is all so easy to make.
Toggle Commented Sep 10, 2013 on A Golden Summer! at FarmVille 2
the cherry limeade makes more coin than the goji,or the other one,for the same amount of energy. i don't have the goji anymore though.i use lemons for marscapone to make the walnut stuffed dates,i don't make lemonade,except for quests. i agree with you on the loganberries,though i did make a lot of yoghurt with it. it depends how you look at things,the pie needs more energy to make,so people may prefer to make the yoghurt,rather than waste energy making the pie,& butter. i made a lot of pies though also.everyone has their own strategies,but it seems you will start making some coins
Toggle Commented Sep 8, 2013 on Dive into River Farming! at FarmVille 2
all the squash crafts lose money,you are better of selling the squash raw. i like the kiln,i ask for the pink glaze,& stock up on it,until i hit the 3000xp threshold,then ram out the piggybank for a pile of xp as it's double.i don't need money,so i chase can get about 14,000 xp out of the kiln that way,each time it's used. it seems to me that you are getting the gist of things,but if you cannot make 1000 coins per energy click,ignore it. the apricot trifle,& the citrus salad are good recipes also. notifications are people saying thanks,that is the 5 coins for each. water,fert etc are the gifts,& no,there is no current way to know,so don't open them unless you are out of water,or close to it.
Toggle Commented Sep 8, 2013 on Dive into River Farming! at FarmVille 2
the lemon lavender scone recipe is excellent for coins,but burns through a huge amount of lemons,& eggs,so stockpile as many of those as you would need at least 1,500 lemons,& thousands of eggs,you will go through them,the mascarpone also uses a lot of lemons.the lavender scones paid for 1 expansion i had back then,so it's a good recipe,like the glazed walnut scones,which is also egg heavy in use.
Toggle Commented Sep 8, 2013 on Dive into River Farming! at FarmVille 2
from zfriends.i send water to all my zfriends,i have about 650 of those. not all send water back,but i get at least 50 a day from those that do,as well as about 30 fert a day. i do have 6 wells though,which is the most we can have. the 60 water from the wells,plus the 30 when the water bar is full,zfriends,plus neighbour visits,is always enough for me.i do try to avoid 2 hour crops,unless they are LE crops to blue ribbon. my groves are all longer term,i don't have any pine trees,they use too much water.if you are getting into the 40's get a grove of lemon trees,at least one,you'll start going through hundreds of lemons when you get to the good recipes. i have an irish juniper,& the free tree from the fireflies to use for wood.
Toggle Commented Sep 8, 2013 on Dive into River Farming! at FarmVille 2
even only having the wasabi for about 13 days should allow you to make about 1 million or more from it,if you have enough eggs. that should help with expansion coin
Toggle Commented Sep 8, 2013 on The Appaloosa River Expansion! at FarmVille 2