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It is also interesting to note that the adverse effect of humans on the ocean documented in the article are only the observed effects. The ocean is so vast and hard to observe that it is very possible that there are more unobserved negative effect of over fishing, climate change, and pollution. It seems that the two worlds, land and ocean, are often thought of as separate, but it is important to consider the interrelation between though two when at the very least humans' adverse effect on the worlds are at topic of conversation. The fact that the remoteness of the ocean has not protected it from humans should certainly bold face the problem we are causing in the way we use the world and its resources.
It will be interesting to see how pressure from one of the world's largest solar thermal power plants to build another larger power plant will effect projects of smaller alternative energy producing companies. It is possible that the greater competition will spawn more accessibility in the realm of alternative energy power plants. It is a good sign that companies are aware of the importance of developing cleaner power plants.
The article is striking in the fact that a cap and trade policy was clearly an effective way to reduce the amount of SO2 in the air, suggesting that it is also an effective way to reduce the amount of CO2 emissions. Why now, do voting members of congress feel that is not a apt method to reduce the huge amounts of CO2 emission in our atmosphere? Perhaps the problem is not that members think that the method will not be effective. Maybe the problem lies in members’ of congress lack of awareness of the magnitude CO2 emissions influence global climate change or that the advent of such a large scale problem is hard to stomach. Like many debates concerning global climate change outside the realm of people whose field it is to study climate change, I feel that the problem lies in knowledge- knowledge that an extreme problem does in fact exist and then acceptance that steps must be taken to counter act the destruction caused by the emissions.
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It is good to see that transitional steps are being made to protect the health of people as well as the climate by energy companies. I found the article posted informing but lacking information in areas I believe to be of interest. I would like to see data relating to the amount of alternative energy infrastructure that would need to be built to cover the energy loss from the termination of coal burning plants. Another set of data that I would have liked to supplement the article is the cost associated with creating and running plants given to other sources of energy in comparison to the costs given to the coal burning plants.
Regardless of whether climate changes do in fact foster deadly natural disasters, what is made evident in reading is the fact that a market failure exists in the market for fossil fuels. It is possible that the market is in equilibrium, but that this equilibrium is not the socially obvious equilibrium. However, I claim that this possibility is in fact reality. Marginal social cost in this market does not equate with marginal private cost. An obvious fix for this problem is to raise gas prices through a tax. However, I feel like this market correction is only obvious due to my economic studies. A lack of education in the realm surrounding natural resource economics inhibits people’s ability to find the logic on what they presume to be “over priced” fossil fuels. I think that the problem lies in inadequate education of the general population. In my opinion the question becomes not how do we educate the world?
I am in agreement with most of the ideas presented in my classmates’ posts. It is, like many students have stated before, unfortunate that in the perspective of a person not trained in the economic discipline that the word “tax” tends to carry a negative undertone. In a market where negative externalities do not exist, taxes create government revenue, but they also create deadweight loss. However, in a market where MSC =/ MPC Pigouvian taxes can bring us to the socially optimal equilibrium by correcting the misallocation of resources causing the market failure. The idea is that the DWL from a fiscal tax becomes a gain in social cost in a Pigouvian tax. The question becomes how do we remove the stigma surrounding the word tax.
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I think Yale law professor Douglas Kylsar illuminated the issue most correctly when he asserted that climate damages are a subject of law and Justice. It is my belief that all nations have the inherent right to a climate environment that allows for potential formation and retention of developed civilization. If another entity encroaches on this right, I stand with professor Kylsar, it is an issue of justice. Polluting nations should be held accountable for the consequences that their operations have on the climate and how theses consequences effect other, developed and developing nations. However, as the article details linking the pollution and subsequent damages to a specific entity may be difficult. For justice to be held the law should be very transparent.
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Jan 21, 2013