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Nick Reddoch
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Yeah, upon reading this I was initially angry like Brad. I'm a mostly stay at home dad. But then I realized your article is being ridiculous and funny. All the points you make, except the playmates one, have to do with the perception of others, and actually don't have anything to do with the real work that goes into caring for twins.
Maybe it's because I'm a Dad, so I approach it differently (I'm a stay at home Dad, I work freelance so my hours are weird), but I never take our boys to the store. Why would you? The cart only has 1 kid slot!!!! We only take them to Costco that has two slots. One of us goes during their nap or after their asleep...and guess what....our lives are so much easier and our grocery trips are quick, easy and tantrum free,
Exactly! 1 and a half is the perfect way to describe it. You have 1 feeding...but every time it's just longer and there's more food on the ground.
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Jan 23, 2013