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I agree that diets are the foundation of healthy living and I've found that some diet plans are better than other. The Dukan diet ( for instance is not as well known as Atkins but in my opinion it is far better. It is a well-researched plan that was designed in France to battle obesity and that's what it has been doing since.
Toggle Commented Apr 5, 2013 on Healthy Weight Loss Diet at Twisty Faster's blog
Great article. My dad has been following a type 2 diabetes diet plan ( and successfully lost 19 pounds in 11 months so far.
Thanks for those tricks. It makes sense that the body needs carbs if you're working out hard but the benefits of a low carb diet ( are many. I really like the tip about eating carbs before and after work-outs--I love eating a banana before a work out and hearty meal after. The good thing is that I usually crave protein after a work-out.
I think a low carb, high protein diet is a healthy weight loss plan [] for anyone looking to lose weight. Focusing on the right kind of carbs and proteins is what helps you lose weight ultimately. :)
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Jan 27, 2013