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3 Finger Lenny
Womanizer Eddie "Xfinity Live" Snider
Interests: Lifting
Recent Activity
Crazy looking nig
Ill fuck anybody
Toggle Commented Feb 18, 2013 on Let's Pile on the Sixers at Crossing Broad
The cheerleader in the front got me hard
Was hanging with couple those guys at a bar before, they love slamming pussy
Should maybe just put the dog down since its suffering. Pains me to suggest that
Toggle Commented Feb 14, 2013 on Help Utley Rebuild His Knees at Crossing Broad
Heard he killed her because she wouldn't let him take off his metal leg to use as a dildo on her
His dad was a cheap fuck
Lets just hope cole doesn't have any daughters with that lil booger running around
Fuck off Danny the Count, you pussy
Looks like cole & Heidi got a new pet
@Wheels- your comment was very heartfelt with a prim & proper edge to it.
Looks like the big piece & his white wife are getting fat. Haven't been on this site much since the new comment restrictions, is k*le banging su*zie c*lek??? I'm out of the loop
Zack attack might be a no talent pussy but at least he served his purpose last night
97.5 should throw some $$ rob Ellis's way to steal him from wip to take marks & brace's slot
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Feb 4, 2013
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Feb 4, 2013
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Feb 4, 2013