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On May 1, a group of students from Wagner's Government 3.0 class had the privilege of participating in a discourse by Professor Richard Sherwin on the application of visual storytelling in court. By manipulating the sequence of story frames, the audience may be led subconsciously to the desired conclusion. The... Continue reading
This is the abstract of my Project Proposal PEER-LEARN.ORG is to be established as an online social media platform to incentivize middle and high school students to help each other to improve education outcomes, targeting especially the disadvantaged or disabled. The high school graduation rate and college readiness of these... Continue reading
When prizes and awards are mentioned, most people will immediately conjure a picture of success and rewards. A function of prizes and awrads that might have been overlooked is their effect as an agent of encouragement, even if performance metrics are less than the usual standards. This is particularly rekevant... Continue reading
The month long New York City school bus strike ended on Feb 20 2013. It cost the City about $21 million to pay for transit cards, taxis abd gas mileage; and bus companies about $100 million in lost revenue (Jake Pearson, Huffington Post New York, 2/20/2013). However, the gravest victims... Continue reading
"[S]chools called 911 a whopping 3,600 times during the last school year to deal with non-suicide-related mental health problems. That means that 17 students a day were sent to the emergency room with emotional problems.", according to New York Daily News. Many of these students were sent to the ER... Continue reading
The question of how open government, open data and social media could help 501(c)(3) organizations that provide charitable services was posed to Rachel Howard, Executive Director of Resources for Children with Special Need (RCSN), which provides support for families with special need children to locate appropriate resources for their children,... Continue reading
Peer to Patent is one of the collaborative successes that contribute to the opening of government. In special education, a tool that has been proven to be successful in improving education outcome from early years through high school is PALS: Peer Assisted learning Strategies. While application of PALS, developed over... Continue reading
Putin may feel insulted by a comparison of Russia with Indonesia (Russia has more than twice the GDP and nearly five times the GDP per capita), but the two do have a number of similarities: 1 Both have an autocratic government; 2 Both changed from communism to capitalism, Indonesia in... Continue reading
The purpose of this blog is to mobilize concerned educators, students, families and citizens, through the enabling effects of open government, open data and social media advocacy, to seek an alternative education path for those high school students that the present system has failed to “prepare them for further education,... Continue reading
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Feb 6, 2013