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Using technology for the sake of using technology, or to say that you used the newest and coolest gadget can be problematic. This is especially true when there is no solid organization, reasoning, or coherent thought behind the use of technology. If one gets distracted by technology because it is... Continue reading
While I've spoken on it a little bit, I wanted today to more fully discuss the impact of big data on how accruately people are able to predict the outcomes of elections. Unlike Dewey vs. Truman (below), pundits, statisticians, and newspapers can predict the outcome of national elections pretty accurately.... Continue reading
Innovator Interview by user6604790 Political Campaigns (PC): You are one of the first people that I know that used updated vote counts from early voting and absentee ballots in order to target voter contact. How had the process changed from when you first began and had to retrieve information on... Continue reading
Often, when you hear about data and campaigns, you think of "The Victory Lab" and using big data to run sophisticated experiments regarding voters preferences. However, the book and articles like it discuss changes only on the margins (and discuss campaigns that have millions of dollars in the bank). But... Continue reading
As reported in many newspapers today, Mayor Michael Bloomberg had some antithetical views on the use of social media that many Gov 3.0 advocates take. According to the NY Times: "The mayor noted that technology, despite its benefits, can add new pitfalls to an already grueling process. “Social media is... Continue reading
Robert Draper has written an article about the GOP, campaigns, and data for this weekend's New York Times Magazine. And while it mostly is a discussion about how data "techies" and younger people feel about the Party, technology is a metaphor for a symptom of the larger problem for the... Continue reading
In Aeon Magazine (a relatively new online magazine of "ideas and culture"), Nathaniel Tkacz has written an engaging article about the Open Government initiative. While his entire article is worth a read, I think Tkacz's makes a very good point about the new computer programming language of open government: Does... Continue reading
One thing that often gets overlooked in campaigns is the pundits. These experienced outsiders have the ability, early on, to make or break a campaign, and towards the end are constantly on television, making predictions about what will happen. These predictions sometimes have the ability to change the course of... Continue reading
To: Chris Vein, World Bank From: Brenden Desmond Date: February 9, 2013 Re: Russia's Open Government Plan --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Even if made with good intentions, Russia’s Open Government Plan (OGP) is fundamentally flawed. With a “Not Free” classification from Freedom House, an OGP is a strong way to creep toward a... Continue reading
Governing Magazine posted an article last month about how technology assisted voters in finding their polling place on election day. I found it interesting how New Jersey used the Voter Information Project to send voters updates regarding changed polling places due to Hurrican Sandy. However, while text messages were probably... Continue reading
When looking at how campaigns use data and how they can become "permanent campaigns," one need not look farther than one of the pioneers of data-driven campaigns: President Obama's campaign. As was widely reported, Obama's campaign apparatus has now become 'Organizing for Action.' As Politico reports, Organizing for Action is... Continue reading
Earlier this week, David Brooks published a fascinating op-ed on the future of data. Here are the points he made that are pertinent to campaigns: "After the 2006 election, Sean Trende constructed a graph comparing the incumbent campaign spending advantages with their eventual margins of victory. There was barely any... Continue reading
Welcome everyone to NYU Wagner's Government 3.0 class blog dedicated to politics. While the blog will primarily examine how data is involved in campaigns, it will also look at how campaigns and citizens interact after the campaign is over. Football fields of data was collected last year, how will campaigns... Continue reading
Feb 6, 2013
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