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Quite a story, Bill. Midway, I found my mind drifting that it was only a story. Unbelievable the fix we've gotten ourselves into. Thank you for making it more understandable.
Toggle Commented Jul 1, 2017 on Kid President II at 53 Beers On Tap
Thanks for explaining this, Bill. Politicians and others who are passionate about an issue often choose the pragmatic path of least resistance - in this case, the instruction to just vote on the resolution because it's Executive prerogative to appoint whoever he wants. An actual discussion of the reasons for the appointment is far more dangerous, but nurtures the body politic. The Council should take the motion from the table, and Kittleman should explain why he's replacing someone on a Board who wishes to continue to serve.
Planners are recognizing the need for multi-modal transportation, what with construction of the Columbia Downtown Trail and the Open Streets Event on June 13. The Event plans to demonstrate how an existing road, in this case the Little Pax loop, can better enable people movement, whether they choose to drive, cycle, walk, run, or take transit. See more at: Ultimately, we're going to need a master plan that addresses the transportation needs of this growing city.
Toggle Commented May 18, 2015 on Ready for Prime Time? at 53 Beers On Tap
Great discussion, Bill. When I was running for Columbia Council last year, I learned that there are many in Columbia outparcels who want to be involved and came out to vote, unaware that they were not eligible. Annexing the outparcels is an ultimate solution that would create a more unified Columbia. Perhaps an interim solution is to allow the outparcels to collectively elect a representative to the Columbia Council. The rep could then devote him/herself to finding ways for the outparcels to be more included and pave the way for residents to vote for annexation.
Kittleman held a love fest at the ACS Conversation with our County Executive on Tuesday. I too am impressed with the way he's begun. Excellent suggestion that the State of the County (or County of the State) be celebrated at Merriweather. It's a good way to encourage a more engaged electorate.
Toggle Commented Feb 7, 2015 on States of Affairs at 53 Beers On Tap
Very informative post, Bill. I look forward to your continued observations of the Kittleman administration.
Toggle Commented Jan 22, 2015 on Hirings and Firings at 53 Beers On Tap
Gosh, Marshmallow Man, so many changes in 2015 - McConnell, Hogan, Kittleman, and now 53? What is the world coming to? Please assure us you're not moving to the dark side. We need your voice of reason and sanity.
Toggle Commented Jan 17, 2015 on Fare Thee Well, Marshmallow Man at 53 Beers On Tap
Great post, Bill. Kind of makes one proud to be living in Columbia. And the future is bright.
Toggle Commented Nov 18, 2014 on Awesome Times in Howard County! at 53 Beers On Tap
You're certainly right that HCCA includes a lot of smart people. So they've come up with a lot of smart recommendations. As you demonstrate, there is very little to disagree with here, only in the nuances. And it should contribute to a healthy dialogue. Bravo HCCA.
Opportunity for a rich conversation. Will all this food contribute to the further obesification of America? But then we're creating a walkable/bikeable Columbia, with an aquatics center in the new downtown, ball fields galore, and of course the CA facilities. It's not surprising that we need athletic wear stores. I love that Columbia is grounded in traditional wellness, with the many acupuncture practices, and now the Haven. I think it was suggested that Hickory Ridge should have a yoga center. And I can imagine a grocery store becoming an art theater like the Charles. I agree that there are opportunities for sensible development that could support a growth of 20-25,000. It suggests to me the need for a comprehensive plan for all of Columbia. We've got too many separate plans being developed with no coordination among them. Of course, population growth improves the prospects for public transportation, and I believe we could effectively decrease the use of automobiles.
Thanks, Bill, for a really timely post. Our society by and large does not understand mental illness, and in the case of addictions, tends to beat it with the cudgel of law enforcement. I am fortunate to have met many folks with mental illness who have incredible insight and enormous artistic talent. We will continue to lose folks like Robin Williams until we invest what is needed for research and treatment.
Toggle Commented Aug 16, 2014 on Follow the Money at 53 Beers On Tap
May be we can get Barbara Kellner to undertake a history of the Columbia Renaissance. Last night was certainly an historical event, and one I will long remember. It also foreshadows the coming development of Symphony Woods. Exciting times we live in. Thank you for your leadership, Bill.
Hey Bill, I was searching your website to see if you had said anything about the current school board candidates - came across this post. I was't aware of HCCA's history and only knew the organization from Mugane's leadership. I think she did end up being "a shrill voice of negativity in the wilderness" I give her credit, though, for showing up and giving voice to those who worked with/supported her. It's a good group of people involved in HCCA now, although less visible from my vantage point. Did you know when you do a search of your posts, the ones found indicate a posted time, usually in the AM, but no dates. Looking forward to our meeting on the 7th.
Toggle Commented Jun 1, 2014 on Who watches the watchdogs? at 53 Beers On Tap
Alan, there's a famous saying: "Why do you see the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye?"
Toggle Commented May 10, 2014 on Columbia is About Progress at 53 Beers On Tap
This is really well said, Bill. I believe this too, and its something to herald to the world. Funny thing, I'll bet Liz Bobo, Alan Klein, and others believe this too. We are one Columbia in many ways. Somehow, we haven't learned to play fair and keep the conversation civil. I've gotta think we're not going to achieve greatness until we can begin to work together.
Toggle Commented May 9, 2014 on Columbia is About Progress at 53 Beers On Tap
Thank you Bill. I'm pleased that you were able to overlook my faux pas with the use of the dreaded "G-Word". It's testimony to my skill as a quick study, and my ability to learn from my mistakes. And seriously, I'm honored by your endorsement.
Toggle Commented Apr 23, 2014 on CA Board endorsements at 53 Beers On Tap
Great pics, Marshmallow Man. Thank you for your reportage (I think that's French). I got a sense from my son, who was there as a Barista at Le Comptoir, that the opening was a real celebration of downtown. This collegian (called Young Son) commented, he looks forward to Columbia in five years. I couldn't agree more.
Toggle Commented Feb 3, 2014 on Petit Louis Columbia Opens at 53 Beers On Tap
I seem to recall that Jessie organizes a pretty good party. Thanx for your service, bloggers. I look forward to shaking your hands.
I second Jessie's comment. Most of us are pretty good sharing our opinions and rallying around the flag of the day. It's a whole lot more important, in my view, when we bare our soul to one another and feel our common humanity. Of course that's harder to do. And what better way to reach consensus than to understand that we're all in this together. Thank you for your post, Marshmallow Man.
Toggle Commented Nov 16, 2013 on My coffee with a blogger at 53 Beers On Tap
Sorry, didn't mean to ignore Josh's contribution - a fascinating conversation, and I'm from across the divide.
You are gifts to humanity, MM and Compass Guy! MM proposes a great solution. And I'm always glad when someone like Compass Guy is in the room that's smarter than everyone else. Question: Oakland Mills seems a community that needs an enforceable master plan, more than zoning. Is there a way to that? Maybe in the context of Columbia Home Rule?
Interesting perspective, MMM, that I've not heard before. Allow me to riff on that. There is little doubt that downtown revitalization will make downtown more and more a regional attraction, benefiting the entire city. Similarly, the health of our villages depends on its village amenities, enabling the village to attract people that want to live there and locals to its amenities. It seems to me that Oakland Mills is struggling precisely because it is an inner village whose amenities have difficulty drawing permanent residents or occasional visitors. While Blandair is destined to be a regional attraction, once it is fully developed, most visitors will enter and exit the Park off of a new interchange at MD175 and see nothing of Oakland Mills. The health of each Village should be of concern to every Columbia resident. Bridge Columbia instantly makes Oakland Mills a more desirable place to live and visit, strengthening its economic vitality. I would think that's something we all would want to support.
Toggle Commented Sep 29, 2013 on Uniting the Two Columbias at 53 Beers On Tap
A road? You're too dang literal Marshmallow Man. It's a horn of plenty, emanating from the sun and the earth; a horn that's shouting "Courtney". I'm surprised you didn't see that.
Apparently, it's not as simple as the article made it appear. I was also shocked that this was happening, and raised the question at the Association of Community Services breakfast meeting with our County Delegates and Senators. It sounds like there will not be a decrease in State funding but rather a shift in the method of funding as part of the process of creating better continuity between addiction and mental health services. The latter is a laudable goal. I think it bears closer scrutiny. Think you for raising the issue - it's obviously an important one that gets all too little attention.
Having had two kids at Wilde Lake, we are proud of what an exceptional school it is. The Principle, Mr. LeMond, is a respected leader. My son is quite concerned about how this adds to a negative view that many hold of Wilde Lake. The incident is indeed larger than just Wilde Lake. I think we all need to take some responsibility for this wound to our community, for I believe all our actions are interrelated. The boy has evidently needed help all along. Sometimes we need a wake up call to consider the troubled among us.