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Sacramento Ca
stay true, too be true
Interests: In all that want to work hard in order to make it in the music industry..
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GREAT ARTICLE! problem is this is not the first time an artist wants to get the "aniti" label movement support by waving that "indie" flag, I like that analogy. remember Drake? he was affiliated with a major and claimed to be indie.... well from a person who filed a suit against Major Radio for only play music from artists affiliate with Major Labels I can brake it down for all of you readers... In Order To Be "indie" which means INDEPENDENT you must not have "ANY" affiliation with a Major, directly indirectly or through a third or fourth party company Period. Oh and by the way this includes distribution as well. The other lie that has captured our attention is another supposed internet "indie" lie...research PSY, yea that's right "Gangnam Style". 10 years ago he first released music... TRU Entertainment TRULY Independent Records you want an actually "indie" artist someone that is independent check out and as always.... stay true, too be true!
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Feb 13, 2013