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Hu Zhao
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Feb 20, 2013
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Feb 20, 2013
Dear Jeremy, Thank you for your quick reply. I am now working in a project plan team for the design of Arch_Tec_Lab in ETH Zürich. You can refer to the below youtube link. The parametric roof is generated in Rhino by my colleague, and the wooden beams will be assembled by robotic arms. Before my join this team, they imported the roof (including roof wooden structure) in DWG format, which could not show right in some plan view or section view. And in 3D view, it always led to revit crash because of so many triangle meshes and this imported format. So I wrote a plugin to import the wooden beams (around 8k) of the roof. We choose xml to exchange the position information. And I choose sweep instead of extrusion to generate each beam(which I also have question about the performance of these methods to inquire you). For now, the roof structure is divided into 7 parts of xml, which was generated into 7 families.It took me about 20 hours by using 3 dell precision computers. Because the roof will be modified in the following days for some times, so I am now finding a way to reduce the generation time. I found that the speed of sweep is slower when the amount increased, and the regeneration which I can not avoid is especially slow when the amount is above 1500. Yesterday I found a way to accelerate the generation greatly. I did like this: divided each 1 part into 24 pieces sections with the mark in XML, then generate each section into single family, and then combine them into a major family. these action all made by plugin. which is much more quicker. Let me introduce our project once again. The Arch_Tec_Lab is a role model project of department of Architecture, ETH Zürich. And the team include most important professors in Institue of Technology in Architecture. The project aims to realize the BIM control in the life circle. Now we using Revit to a extremely detail, and we enjoy the cloud rendering in autodesk 360, except we wish it can realize animation rendering. Now we are working for the construction drawings in Revit. In Switzerland, few architects use Autodesk products, because of the majority of the MAC users. But we want build a model for the architects and the students in department. We proposed once that we want to apply the chance of being the loading image of the future Revit Version. I don't know whether you can help. Thank you very much for your time! Best Wishes, Hu
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Is there any method to avoid regeneration after sweep operations?
Hello Jeremy, I have 80,000 elements to generate, now I use sweep, do you know sweep and extrusion which is faster? and which can offer a better performance for the computer? It took 40 hours for the sweep operations. Is it possible to accelerate the operations? In rhino script, only 10 minutes is enough for this operation. Hope to see you reply!
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Feb 14, 2013