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They have literally ruined whole countries. I know as an MP you have a duty and an onus to defend the interests of your constituents but it also must be said that they have destroyed the lives of millions through their blundering bloody mindedness. Couldn't they grasp the fact that just because a certain dictator or a certain religious/ political movement was not fully signed up to the free market neo-liberal interest which dictates our own societies that there own interests would not actually be threatened? They do not have an ounce of mercy or consideration for the long term well-being of their fellow global citizens. As long as we believe their lies and play the political game on THEIR terms we cannot even speak the truth and advance OUR own interests. I would say it is racist to takeover, destroy and ruin foreign countries in a 'lets smoke 'em out attitude'. But they do the same to us, except we live closer to the wealth and power so they prefer to demoralise us rather than send their soldiers. They are scum. They don't control the sunrise and sunset. Evil must be called what it is.
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And now Fallujah is 'rebellious' and 'bad' even though white phosphorus weapons were used on them by NATO which melt peoples' flesh to the bone. I wouldn't be surprised if Fallujah has deliberately been reduced to this state so a destroyed city cannot be rebuilt. After all NATO governments were preapared to support Al-Qaeda when it suits them. Its probably American money paying maintenance to Al-Qaeda just like they do to their supposed enemy Taliban. So I think Fallujah citizens might just feel a little bit like they have been wronged since two thirds of the houses were destroyed and they have to live with Depleted Uranium contamination forever. And now they are governed by 'Al-qaeda' whatever that appellation means these days. They are supposed to be thankful?
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Not sure I like American politicos but there are surprisingly (given the importance of money to the system) some decent ones who speak out against the fetid, cloying stream of private interest. I suppose his words are there for posterity and worth reading again. Just like others are too. Particularly during the Bush regime when the idealistic and independent minded weren't marooned by Obama's fake progressiveness. In other words we need to stop being AFRAID of the rich. We are told they are great and we depend on them. Thats all NeoLiberalism is it seems to me. Being dictated to by a minority who happen to have more than the rest could possibly earn. But we can kill them. There are far more of us, and we can confiscate their wealth. They simply aren't better, more deserving, or better people e.g somehow cleverer. They don't make the sun come up and then go down.
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Thanks for being on the ball as ever. Why do you think the government is so keen on this solution? Is it a class thing perhaps? I know you've been focused on this for a while. Is there a hidden agenda that would make them want to pay double what French industry and householders pay? Or is it the curious brainlessness which takes over when there is a lack of action and common sense leadership on vital issues? To put it more simply the choice of nuclear keeps the working class far away from another state function, thereby weakening their position. The fact that they are willing to do this vandalism to all but a small privileged class is nothing short of criminal. This has been my honest feeling for a while. It sickens me because they continually espouse austerity for the sake of future generations yet they are prepared to quietly rip off those future generations. Then there is the fact that nuclear is dangerous as we seen in Fukushima. Also the waste has to be stored forever. Earthquakes can happen in Europe I believe. Tsunamis might just as well flood England. This really is about the generation to come and I think it is bordering on, no lets be truthful, it actually is criminality.
On the one hand they are austere, on the other they pour billions into harebrained projects.
Surely its harm is minimal as well as being part of somali culture. Why this need to prohibit naturally growing plants? Doubtless all the legislators drink wine and beer which actually has to be brewed not to mention is related to violent crime and addiction. Its basically those who are 'drunk' with power dictating to the rest of us. Its idiotic. The Lord created these plants, how can they be prohibited? That is before you even begin to contemplate what the results of these brutal actions will be. Its not about health I think we can safely say. After all the government receives billions from tobacco. They are creating a backlash, criminalising a minority. The same goes for cannabis. A natural plant. F*** anyone who says you aren't allowed this or this. I just know the Bullingdon Boys were well into their cocaine. Its probably out there I would bet. So to actually go after Khat in the current climate takes a special and peculiar type of brainlessness. We can have a cup of tea or cofee but are are prohibited from having a spliff? We can order a double whiskey but can't enjoy chewing our khat? I find that quite ridiculous! Thanks Paul for trying to illuminate the darkness of ignorance.
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Just some examples of worthwhile reforms. They might not fit the Chartist theme.
Toggle Commented Oct 27, 2013 on Chartist inspiration at Paul Flynn - Read My Day
Recognise what is simply robbery and treat abusers with the contempt they deserve.
Toggle Commented Oct 27, 2013 on Chartist inspiration at Paul Flynn - Read My Day
Try to promote the worst off.
Toggle Commented Oct 27, 2013 on Chartist inspiration at Paul Flynn - Read My Day
For policy gather opinion from the people instead of the current practice of delivering soundbites for the press.
Toggle Commented Oct 27, 2013 on Chartist inspiration at Paul Flynn - Read My Day
It was a move by the ruling class for their own ends. Perhaps they also think they will gain glory by starting wars. The US spends staggering amounts on 'defence' surely it is just a matter of course that it must have some justification. Its made certain people rich but at the expense of the blood of their own countrymen and even moreso Afghans and Iraqis. Really that is something to worry about, but that is something which British and American governments represent. Well they can't take it with them. I wonder if Blair doesn't care that the huge majority think very little of him. He after all gave the Bush government a semblance of legitimacy in their actions. Perhaps it was vanity on his part as you have said previously Paul. It is painful to see our governments act in this way. They are so ready to risk the lives of others and so ready to shed the blood of others. Yet they do it only out of a shallow uncaring emptiness. They ignore all better advice and spread mayhem. I think at bottom they are THIEVES. They behave like thieves. They give eachother legitimacy but their arguments are hollow. We are talking about our political leaders banding together to DECEIVE the public.
You never know. I don't think he has much to live up to going by the conduct of those who have preceded him. Aren't the royal family as an institution merely a door which is firmly shut in the faces of their 'inferiors' with the message that WE are better than YOU. WE were born better and get to live by different rules. But maybe Charles will help to open those doors whilst also carrying out a ceremonial role. So if Charles and his sons can serve a purpose I don't see a problem with it. I think Charles wants to make the role his own going by your own blogs on his political interference. This would put the monarchy in a more precarious position but would also serve a purpose. Maybe he would do a good job which only a few are in a position to.
Anyone capable of reason would say that the House made a decision to clearly reject ANOTHER bout of militarism when the outcomes aren't clear and the justification is weak. We see Al-Qaeda taking over towns and chasing away anyone who does not side with their ideology. Why on earth anybody would side with them is a mystery. As if the rebel side is innocent and their interests are one with the millions of refugees. I think your fellow MPs realised that there was no benefit to getting involved and likely things would be made worse. Neither were they convinced to intervene by Assad's supposed use of chemical weapons. I think this is a momentous turning point now that the NATO war machine has (for now) had its teeth pulled out by independent minded democracy. Also the lesson from the Iraq catastrophe has been learned.
Toggle Commented Sep 12, 2013 on Delusion and Denial at Paul Flynn - Read My Day
Some people get to live by different rules. The govt is hard on benefit claimants yet doesn't care how many billions are wasted elsewhere. The poor are demonised whereas the rich get to live by different rules where they can rip us off for billions. It is is a land of milk and honey for private interests that stamp their greed into the political economic system. Your example proves how ridiculous it is. Certain interests are chosen (through the familiar methods) to grow exceedingly fat. Then they turn away from their promises, break agreements and generally follow a familiar pattern. They should have to testify in court for these outrages. We should not forget these insults. They are a waste of space. But even now the next rip-off is coming along. So unless there is a change of song in our politics which only we can enforce it will go on forever. Why are the majority so relaxed about being ripped off? Where is the strength and courage to deliver this country into the 'promised land'?
Toggle Commented Sep 11, 2013 on Taxi for a cat at Paul Flynn - Read My Day
Aside from the simpering obsequiousness of the reply by Rees-Mogg the guy attends 'black tie dinners' hosted by far right imbeciles who advocate the 'repatriation' of ethnic minority British people. So the guy is stupid or is he just a typical Tory? At what point will the Tories stop sinking? They are a menace to society. They are blighting the country. What are the benefits of their govt? I admit 2015 can't come soon enough. Perhaps we can anticipate that your party will plant better roots which allow us to reap the benefits. Hopefully the Tory party will fade again into obscurity. The Labour Party will be our saviours. Or maybe not. Which is to say I doubt it on current evidence.
The outcome of regime change in Iraq was the complete ruin of a whole society and deaths from sectarian violence which still continue. Are they really willing to side with Islamic extremists? Surely that would strip away the last remnants of the cloak of humanitarian authority disguising British foreign policy. Why can't the government sit this one out? Is there a desirable outcome from getting involved? I do not accept that this is an issue of humanitarian conscience for the govt. There are far too many double standards. This after all is a government which knowingly polluted areas of Iraq with nuclear waste. Depleted Uranium weapons usage is really one step further along in terms of criminality than what the Assad regime has done. The deaths and misery caused by DU munitions affect people of all ages for many generations to come. It really is just Britain and American governments using their present status to order foreign countries to suit themselves. There is nothing humanitarian in their motives. There is a naivety to the fact that getting involved in war always has a much greater cost than anticipated by those who believe it is necessary. I don't expect anything like good sensible policy any time soon from our foreign policy makers and those who influence them. You talk about the risk of escalation Paul. I think this is a real possibility which their arrogance and militaristic mindset has blinded them to.
So nothing to report? This will not be a party which demands PEACE? If they are anything like the last Labour govt or the presents Condems then I hope they are shot to pieces.
So you still believe that the LP is worth fighting for? When they were last in power what did they do? And what does Ed Milliband and is shadow ministers want to achieve?
For the haves: multi-billions in avoided tax, fracking contracts. PFI contracts. Farm subsidies, Money to the aristocratic land owners. For the have not: bedroom tax, workfare, ATOS corrupt medicals for the disabled. Which party cares and is capable of fighting against the elite? Ian Duncan Smith author of workfare his wife got over a million in farm subsidies: They are already dead men. For all their authority they will lay in the dirt like farm animals. Aren't we BETTER than them? This is a government of the rich for the rich. They are too stupid to realise that the greedier they get, the shorter their long term prospects become. I believe people will simply not put up with them. I believe they will get what they deserve. It will be soon and forever. And if that is too strong a term or not political I care not. They have been elected to public honours but none of them will be celebrated when they are finished.
It seems to me that the 'left' politically do not have the wherewithal to answer the extremists who currently inhabit the political executive despite the fact that THEY have nothing but reproach for those who aren't millionaires like themselves. But the side with right on their side should also truthfully find it easy time to destroy their enemies no matter how much support and opinion they can buy. We need to chuck it directly in the face of Cameron and hate him as he squirms and lies. What is right is right and nobody can prove otherwise. We have to use our words against them for a start. The millionaire public schoolboys may have us in derision amongst THEMSELVES and their media limpets, but the point is to not back down and to look them in the face. Lets admit that they are without compassion or decency and are basically looking after their small privileged elite. They betray all laws of human decency and any right minded person must be horrified by their bullying maliciousness.
So if you want to be an upstanding citizen, work hard and aspire to improve your situation most people do not have any chance. That is the reality and it is getting worse. The current generation of school/ FE leavers have no chance with a government that does not fight for their interests. This government is making US poor and themselves and their donors RICH. There is little of real value that the people own anymore. THEY have skived it all away for their own advancement. Comparitively we used to be quite well off. Politics meant something, now it doesn't. What has the last few decades of 'government' given us? Was there a time when the government looked at the interests of the people and thought lets get up early and FIGHT for their interests?
Toggle Commented Jul 31, 2013 on Choose your commandments at Paul Flynn - Read My Day
Thanks for filling us in Huw. This is I'm sure a subject that the Archbishop SHOULD comment on because Wonga are taking the essentials away from the poorest for profit. So yes Welby does deserve credit. You are right to say these companies are parasites who prey on the most vulnerable and they should definitely be banned for taking what little the poorest have left. Is this a new thing? Didn't loan sharking used to be a criminal i.e an illegal enterprise. A sign of the times maybe. So if Justin Welby is genuinely having a go on behalf of the majority who are not represented anymore then that is good. But they are still below the queen?
Toggle Commented Jul 28, 2013 on Choose your commandments at Paul Flynn - Read My Day
I can't believe the Archbishop of Canterbury used to be a top banker and oil businessman. Does someone who makes millions in running a company for its shareholders care about the people? This is who they chose as their spiritual leader? I'm not saying its impossible it just seems unlikely. I mean the Archbishop of what? And his organisation invests in Wonga? They have obviously put profit before principle. The CoE is in league with Wonga! So Justin Welby is another one of these PR men like Blair and Cameron. And WHY is there even an official 'Church of England' in the first place? What benefit do they actually give to the country?
Toggle Commented Jul 26, 2013 on Choose your commandments at Paul Flynn - Read My Day
So the Tories are punishing people who they see as useless, who are the poorest. That is their enemy. Or will it end now the economy is said to be recovering? Will they not DECIDE anymore that the unemployed have to work for nothing because these rich beneficiaries of our labour think it will "do us good" (whilst providing free labour to private business). They reproach those who are the lowest and most vulnerable. Their main agenda is adding to the difficulties and the precariousness of their situations. When you bear in mind that they are all millionaires getting millions in state farm subsidies AND getting hundreds of thousands for blighting us with their privileged bitterness; the "useless hangers on" they believe they should rightly be able to abuse are only an obstacle for them, stopping them using their wealth and power to get MORE and MORE for themselves. THAT is their drive and ideology. All our mutually owned inheritance is being dismantled, undermined and sold off to THEIR preferred private interest. THEY now sell us our water and fuel for THEIR own profit. So we get to work HARDER for less. The government are not really 'in power'. They are servants to a global system. What do the young men and women of today have and what will they have left in the future? Have all the wiser voices decided they will keep quiet? Do we need to set an example by taking the crown away from a certain family instead of being obsequious and bowing in their shadow?
Its ok to kill the insurgents families but its hundreds times worse if any of the soldiers families are killed by terrorists. I wrote more but it might get deleted without explanation. That was one of the main points, the asymetery of war and the attitude to war.