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cummins fan
Interests: dodge diesels
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we all know that diesel fuel is almost a thing of the past. the (e.p.a) is doing a good job of making sure of this. for those of us that beleive in the tried and true 12 valve cummins motor there is still hope with bio fuels. i would have to agree that a half ton diesel truck would be a sweet idea but is probably not the innovation dodge should take. diesel trucks are produced for a reason and that is power. why would a man buy a more costly truck for its fuel econ when you can get 22mpg plus in the 2500 and 3500 cummins 5.9 motor. chevrolet really is cornering the market with its more powerful (off the showroom floor) duramax and it hybrid silverado 4x4 that gets an estimated 24mpg "so iv read." But for me im a very strong cummins fan and i will keep my 12 valve on the road untill i cant buy fuel for it. i will do this because cummins has the only lite duty diesel that i know about able to break that 1 million mile mark. my truck only has 265,000 and still runs like new. ///Thank You Cummins for the I6 5.9 cummins engine the 98 12 valve, the 01 24 valve H.O, and the 04.5 common rail! 3 home runs withing 1 decade! which other manufacture can make such a clam???
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Feb 16, 2013