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gideon goudsmit
Green thinking and developing is my aim
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Some range experience with Mitsubishi IMiev In summer weather driving up to 80 KmH or 50 mph i get 105 miles range, not using the air-con or anything else In winter this drops to 50 miles range at a temperature around freezing or a bit below. If i park my car in the warm garage in winter 75 miles is achivable all with out using the heater, if i use the heater the range drops by 20 %
BTW both top speed and acceleration are not important for a car like this , this is purchased by people that are energy conscious , not for drag racers or Indy 500 races :-)
The all electric range should be around 80 miles or 140 km to be truly functional , with my 3 years of electric driving experience the summers would be OK with 70 km or 40 miles range but the winter is a different story . the battery capacity sinks with 30 to 40 % and the heater is used on top of that , taken this into account the higher range is needed to make this car 90 % fossil fuel free , they will achieve that since battery chemistry´s are getting better all the time and range increases as this happens I drive a Mitsubishi Imiev the first all electric car out and get up to 100 Miles range in summer but no more than 50 in the winter and i have to drive careful to achieve that.
A big step in the right direction, KLM deserves applause for this achievement, this step could eventually make air travel a very clean way of transport. there is a lot of old cooking oil available that is otherwise wasted.
A big step in the right direction , this step could eventually make air travel a very clean way of transport. I understand that the fuel is made from old cooking oils normally wasted.
Hallo Dollared, I built yachts in Carbon fiber and the carbon used for these yachts is 100 % for hull deck and bulkheads , we use 2000 kilos of carbon per yacht at a total carbon cost of +- € 40.000,00 or $ 55.000 the carbon used in the vw cannot be more than 100 kilo raw material at a cost of € 2.000,00 off course numbers produced are very important but since it is VW we are talking about a volume producer a volume of no less than 100.000 per year is to be expected. a cost of 20000 to 35000 is to be expected if they want volume the price needs to be in that ballpark. If VW decided to use Basalt fiber instead of carbon that would drop the cost of this material to € 500,00 and since this material is non conductive and sound dampening that would be preferred , i wonder why they are not using that.
US 20.000 should be possible since the car is small , the expensive part being the Lithium batteries are also small at 6 KWh and the engine use is a half sized 1600 cc unit. It all depends on quantity produced , A Mitsubishi I Miev has double the battery pack and is a 4 seater yet the price level is in the same range.
What a fantastic achievement , if the car comes at a reasonable price of around the $ 20.000 mark it will sell well and can be used for millions of people to get to work and back.
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Feb 21, 2013