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Thank you FV2!
Toggle Commented May 15, 2013 on Commenter of the Week Winner - 5/1/13 at FarmVille 2
Please help those of us with a high-level out with our power situation. What's available isn't keeping up with the increase in demand from leveling up.
Toggle Commented May 8, 2013 on Suggestion Sunday! at FarmVille 2
I'm thrilled to find out that there are going to be more expansions available. I'm desperate for the space! I'll be using it for fairly mundane things. I'd love to get all fancy with my farm, but there's just not enough space. The new digs will go to room for the tree groves as well as the buildings that keep multiplying faster than my bunnies. Nothing special. I have to say - I don't mind the cost to unlock the expansions. It makes sense to me because by the time you're at the levels to unlock them, you're going to be capable of crafting items that bring a high amount of coins. My concern is actually that while everything else seems to be keeping up with my increase in levels, the power that I have access to in order to craft items is lagging way behind. I've got an insane number of items piled up in my inventory that I want to use but don't seem to manage because the power isn't there. I'm getting close to just hocking them at the market stand for the cash even though it wouldn't be as much - obviously they don't do anything towards the coins I'm trying to save to unlock an expansion if I never have the power to use them. Even if I did nothing but sit on the computer all day long I still wouldn't have enough power. So.... the coins seem reasonable, but most of us are probably going to be crippled in trying to get there. Not that power should go bonkers (although man I really appreciated the glitch or whatever it was that allowed me to request from friends - I actually got somewhere, anywhere for a little amount of time). Don't even mind the ads in exchange for power packs. But unfortunately, it's a drop in the bucket.
Toggle Commented May 8, 2013 on New Coin Expansions! at FarmVille 2
I'm really excited about this. I've really enjoyed the new things for Spring so far and the fair sounds like it's going to be a lot of fun. I especially love that there will be something to do with animals and fertilizer that's not just crafting based. Can't wait to play at the County Fair!
Toggle Commented Apr 24, 2013 on County Fair: Coming Soon! at FarmVille 2
I really love that you guys had the design team answer questions. Don't know if it's been done in the past, but I'd definitely love to see more of these on the blog. Thanks for the great game!
I would love to see a tree here and there for coins in the "special themes". Like how we could get the Persimmon trees last Halloween/Fall. It's been a while, I think and the trees are just as fun. The special recipes change way too often for me to want to spend Farmbucks on something like that.
Toggle Commented Apr 1, 2013 on Suggestion Sunday! at FarmVille 2
I'd love to have anything that expands the space available to our farms, anything that augments what I can produce animal-wise (more storage for prized animals - especially rabbits or horses), and anything that can boost the energy that I have access to for crafting. Right now, my biggest concern centers around enough space for everything and enough resources to continually craft/produce. I'm assuming that development for opening land can only go so fast with everything else that the game requires. I really appreciate that Zynga continues to release "housing" for prized animals - it helps so much. The groves were a blessing for the same reason. What I save on food and water is awesome, but the space is what I love the most. I'm a fairly high level in the game, so I've unlocked almost everything I can with coins. The two additional plots available for Farm Cash would help me a lot, but even with that I'm going to be squeezing with all the great stuff you guys continue to release. I do carry a good bit of farming plots and realize I could spread across more space with other stuff if I cut back on that - but honestly, I *love* having the large space and being able to plant a lot of one crop at a time or lots of different crops. I would really, really love to see land open up near the lake that allows us to do some kind of irrigation. It would especially be neat to hook something into a rain feature as well. I understand that if everything is a gimme that the game gets boring. So I could see why scads of water or energy at level 15 makes it clicking without aim. But additional tiers of water and energy availability at higher levels (similar to what started happening with the feed for me) really seems to make sense. I feel like as I level up I become spread more and more thin. At this rate, there will be a place that I just feel like I've bottomed out. I really don't want that because this is my favorite of all the Zynga games that have been released.
Toggle Commented Mar 25, 2013 on Suggestion Sunday! at FarmVille 2
Thank you for the piggies!!!!!!!
Toggle Commented Mar 19, 2013 on Spring Into Country Living! at FarmVille 2
Yay for Sheep Shacks! I'm glad to see this - it's wonderful to get storage buildings for the prized animals and I hope they keep coming.
Toggle Commented Feb 27, 2013 on Sheep Shack at FarmVille 2
This is awesome. I second it. I have this problem all the time. Or will accidentally get one of my trees on the edge of my crops and lose 3 waters to it when I didn't intend to water the tree right then.
Toggle Commented Feb 25, 2013 on Suggestion Sunday! at FarmVille 2
Well, I did re-check my animals and hadn't realized how many prize rabbits I'd accidentally allowed to build up. Since they don't kick out any fertilizer, that wasn't helping me any. I stored a bunch of them and picked animals specifically for fertilizer from the General Store. It helped. The water for the trees/lumber and crafting power towards the fertilizer rakes doesn't bother me so much. I've decided that the concept must have been we'd get less fertilizer but the trade off would be the chance of harvesting speed grow. For me personally, the speed grow doesn't matter so much. It's nice and helpful sometimes. Mostly if I'm that desperate for speed grow, I use farmhands to create the effect. What the fertilizer bin kicks out will never be enough. While I did use my speed grow on pine trees to complete some missions and that was helpful, I'm usually so far ahead of the deadline that if I can't use speed grow on trees it doesn't hurt me. I tend to use it there because it seems like such a waste for crops. I don't know if I hate it enough to call it stupid. But I definitely have to admit that it's just not doing anything for me and if I could *make* a choice, I'd go back to getting more fertilizer immediately from animals to be able to use on my crops. That meant a whole lot more to me because it maximized output vs. what I paid for the seeds. I don't know - maybe I should just pretend I put the game on a higher difficulty since I level-up with a fair amount of regularity?
Toggle Commented Feb 23, 2013 on New Fertilizer Bin at FarmVille 2
So excited about vanilla being back even if it's only a limited time. It was one of my faves!!!
Toggle Commented Feb 23, 2013 on Heirloom Recipes at FarmVille 2
I'm so excited about this! Next up more housing for prized animals or something besides a watering trough to increase animal capacity by more than just 5? I'm ever hopeful.
Toggle Commented Feb 22, 2013 on Sneak Peek: Pigs at FarmVille 2
I definitely appreciate the orange mark that makes it easier to see where to drop fertilizer on crops. Jury's still out about the fertilizer bin. I was really excited at first, but now I'm not so sure. Prior to this, I was able to fertilize more crops than I am now. If the amount of fertilizer that the animals are dropping hasn't been fixed yet, then that would explain it. Otherwise, my 'efficiency' has actually been reduced compared to previous fertilization and crop output. Like I said - I was really excited initially. I don't hate it, but it feels like it's not doing what I expected it to. Still love the game and wouldn't give it up for the world, though. And it's always fun to have new components to it.
Toggle Commented Feb 22, 2013 on New Fertilizer Bin at FarmVille 2
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